Wednesday, 02 July 2003

Journalist war illogic

Oh, this is rich: bq. “There was a disturbing attitude from the Pentagon toward unilaterals,” said Campagna, Mideast program coordinator for the nonprofit group. “They gave the perception that if you weren’t embedded, you covered the war at your own risk, and that U.S. troops were under no obligation to at least avoid endangering you.” Um, yeah. It’s called _war_, you blockhead. _Everyone_ is participating at their own peril. The military’s job is to accomplish the task handed to them by the politicians. More often than not, this means moving in, engaging and killing the enemy (while trying to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties; but hey, it’s _war_), then securing the area they now occupy. They do *not* have time to babysit reporters who don’t play by the rules. Those unilaterals _wanted_ to be where they were. If you can’t stand the heat… posted on July 2, 2003 11:09 AM

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