Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Today’s First 10 Shuffled Songs

From earlier this morning, when I was in a music-listening mode:

  1. The Steward of Gondor (Featuring Billy Boyd)” — The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  2. Flicker” — Audio Adrenaline, Some Kind of Zombie
  3. Invisible Sun” — The Police, Every Breath You Take: The Classics
  4. Dirty World” — The Traveling Wilburys, The Traveling Wilburys Collection
  5. I Hate Everything” — George Strait, 50 Number Ones, Disc 1
  6. Big Yellow Taxi” — Counting Crows, Hard Candy
  7. “Before My Eyes” — Tesla, Five Man Acoustical Jam (Live)
  8. “Least of These” — Justin Nevins, Nada One
  9. Hallowed” — Jennifer Knapp & Phil Keaggy, City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia
  10. Raise Him Up (Electric)” — Lost And Found, Something Different

All links are to the Amazon MP3 Downloads store, with the exception of Tesla’s Five Man Acoustical Jam, which is for the CD, as it’s not available as a download. Why Amazon over the iTunes Store? For a lot of songs, Amazon offers the same or better bit rate than iTunes, which means a better listening experience, and there’s absolutely no DRM on Amazon’s songs. This is the case only with certain songs, not all, on the iTunes Store. And I’ve just been buying more music of late from Amazon than from the iTunes Store…

posted on April 29, 2008 3:33 PM

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