Friday, 02 May 2008

The theme yesterday was “fire”

I mean to post this yesterday, but totally forgot…

Jonathan Wight asked how many covers of “Ring of Fire” one had in one’s iTunes library. For me, the answer is two: Joaquin Phoenix’s from the “Walk the Line” soundtrack, and the oldie but goodie from Social Distortion.

This led to the following random tracks being played after shuffling the results of a search in iTunes for “fire”:

  1. Ring of Fire” — Joaquin Phoenix, Walk The Line Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  2. “City of New Orleans” — Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire, Disc 2
  3. Consuming Fire” — Third Day, Offerings: A Worship Album
  4. Ring of Fire” — Social Distortion, Social Distortion
  5. “Fire Woman (N.Y.C. Rock Mix)” — The Cult, Fire Woman EP (import)
  6. Far and Gone” — Day of Fire, Cut & Move
  7. “Waiting” — Fireflight, The Healing of Harms
  8. Shine” — By The Tree, World On Fire
  9. Reborn” — Day of Fire, Cut & Move
  10. Wake Me” — Day of Fire, Cut & Move

Apparently, my copy of iTunes has a thing for the Man in Black and Day of Fire. I can live with that.

posted on May 2, 2008 1:41 PM

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