Sunday, 29 June 2008

Today’s phischbits

WORLD Magazine | WALL•E world
Megan Basham interviews Andrew Stanton about his new movie, WALL•E.
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I have often written a letter like this in my head.
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mooColorFinder - retrieve all website colors
Script to retrieve any color information of a website, reads all CSS files and produces a cloud of colors.

“This neat little tool extracts any color information, no matter if inline CSS, CSS files via import or link, and even if you have a master CSS file with references to other css files - mooColorFinder reads it out.

“So, as long as a website specifies its CSS styles W3C conform, this script will find the colors used…”
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iPhone Security Tip: Never Memorize Wireless Networks |
Some good security tips here for iPhone users regarding public wifi networks.
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Writer: the internet typewriter
John Watson’s Writer is a simple, plain text-based “internet typewriter”, to use John’s description. If you want something easy to bang out text online, Writer has potential. I just wish you could change the background to something other than black…
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