Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Retrophisch is dead. Long live Retrophisch.

For more than a year I’ve been thinking about redesigning the blog. I know, I know, I haven’t really blogged that much of late, but still, I’ve been giving it some thought.

Given that this is a not-for-profit venture that’s really more for me than anyone else—though I truly appreciate your patronage—I could not justify paying someone to do the redesign for me, though I have numerous friends I would love to have do it for me.

The redesign thought process had me examine my blogging platform as well. I’ve been with Movable Type for quite a while, nearly a decade. This blog is currently on version 4.2 of the software, with 5.1 on the cusp of release. Were I to stay with Movable Type, it would behoove me to upgrade, and take on the learning curve of the changes made with version 5.

WordPress, of course, is the hot ticket in the blogging world right now, and has an impressive and extensive theme ecosystem, making a redesign a theoretically simpler affair. My friend Tom has been using Tumblr for two years, and has been pretty happy with it, the service’s massive outage five months ago notwithstanding.

It was precisely Tumblr’s outage, and my Type A-control freak personality, which had me pushing Tumblr and similar service Posterous to the bottom of my choices.

Then there was the decision of export/import. Did I want to take nine years worth of Movable Type blog posts and import them into a new blogging system?

Conveniently, I had another domain name I could use. Since assuming the Retrophisch moniker, I’ve had the .net and .org domains pointing to the .com. About two years ago, I had the bright idea to seek out a shortened domain, one ending in .ch. This necessitated a visit to the Swiss registrar SWITCH, as at the time no U.S.-based registrar was offering Swiss domain purchases. In a matter of minutes, was mine. It, too, went up as a redirect to the original

Now, I find myself with a domain different enough, yet still the same, I could simply “flip the switch” with: start over, with no importing. The old blog will reside as it always has, and go into archival mode.

So one part of the decision-making process was done. Now, back to the question of the engine, the content management system, or CMS, as it’s called. I ended up leaning toward Posterous, then Control-Freak Me decided on WordPress.

Only it was not to be: WordPress’ “famous five-minute install” went off without a hitch, but I kept running into a glitch with the setup. While Control-Freak Me was running this down, I-Just-Want-To-Post-Content Me was getting really annoyed, and went off exploring other options yet again.

Finally, I decided to move to Tumblr. Yes, there is a chance the service will go down again. Yet there’s just as much of a chance of a flash flood taking out my friend Jim’s server where this site resides. Stuff happens.

So from this moment forward, new stuff will be there, at Point your browsers, and feed readers if that’s how you roll, there. This joint’s being boxed up and rolled off into the giant Internet storage warehouse.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you over at the new digs.

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Sunday, 11 October 2009


Wow. Seven years as of yesterday.

Seven years ago, I had a great job. A career in IT.

Seven years ago, we hadn’t been in our new house even a full year.

Seven years ago, we were churchless.

Seven years ago, we were childless.

Now, I do not have a career in IT, but I do have a job: being a stay-at-home dad. And it’s awesome.

Now, we’ve been in the house nearly eight years.

Now, not only do we have a church, but that church has given me my best friend, and yet another purpose: leading some of our collegians in Bible study.

Now, we have two wonderful boys, six and thirteen months. They are absolute joys.

I’m blogging less. Twittering more. Chasing a little guy all around the house. Having fun.

It’s not all a bed of roses, but there are more ups than downs, and I thank God for all of these blessings.

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Friday, 10 October 2008


Today marks the conclusion of six years of blogging at Retrophisch.

Two thousand, two hundred, sixty-three entries.

Two thousand, two hundred, sixty-three bits of myself, revealed for passers-by. Two thousand, two hundred, sixty-three things I thought you might find interesting. Or funny. Or serious enough to care about. Or to do something about. Or just for me to think about. Or to do something about.

Now to press forward in to the next six…

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Friday, 01 August 2008


So today marks the eighth year I’ve done the blogging thing. I won’t go in to any great recap, as I did two years ago. (And I completely failed to note the seventh blogoversary last year.) Needless to say, some things have remained the same, and some things have changed quite a bit.

For one, I’m blogging less, mostly because of Twitter, and if you want to know what I’m up to, or what I’m thinking, in short snippets, you should definitely follow my Twitter account. For another, I’m paying slightly less attention to politics, which used to constitute a good amount of posts. Finally, some days, I just don’t feel like I have much to say in a blog form, so why bother with some drivel to the blog that’s better suited for the 140-character limitation of Twitter, or not for public consumption at all?

Still, I have hopes for more thoughtful posts. I just don’t know when those might begin appearing, though I can guarantee it will be some time in the next eight years… 8^)

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Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Life from the Phisch Bowl

Oh, did I forget to mention my wife’s become a blogger?

And that she did so last year?


Well, that takes me out of the running for Husband of the Year™.

(And if you think that’s all I’ve done to take myself out of the running, I have some beachfront property in Scottsdale I’d like to talk to you about.) <rimshot> But enough about me…

The missus began blogging last May as an outlet for the angst and excitement she felt as a result of our seeking to add to our family through adoption. She’s also been talking about our struggles with infertility as we seek to add to our family on our own. At some point she began sharing little tidbits about our life at home, missing her mom, and other things outside the realm of adoption, and I suggested a name change for the blog.

In private conversations with friends, nearly all online, I’ve often referred to our home in general, and the study, from where I compute, in particular, as “the Phisch Bowl”. Seeing how I have no intention whatsoever of allowing the fish (phisch?) meme, courtesy of my anagramed moniker, to die, my abrupt suggestion to her was, “Life from the Phisch Bowl”. So there you go.

A small word of warning. The missus tends to use some shorthand and acronyms she’s picked up from motherhood/pregnancy/infertility forums over the years, and some might not be readily decipherable. Trust me, there was a time when I was constantly asking her what this acronym or that one meant. Should you need similar help, drop me a line, or better yet, drop the missus a line over on her blog, and ask her. Better still, just drop her a line and say hi.

Her latest post also deals with an issue near and dear to our hearts. Once again, Kel will be participating in the March of Dimes’ March for Babies, formerly known as WalkAmerica. Due to a commitment with the little phisch, I won’t be walking this year, but Kelly will, and she’s raising funds.

(Much to my chagrin, she’s already raised more funds for this than I need in total for my mission trip to Juarez, to build houses for the poor there, in June. This includes monies from my own mother, who was asked, along with several friends and family members, to support my trip prior to Kelly beginning her fund-raising. Hrmmm. Perhaps I should outsource my own fund-raising to the missus, since we all know she is far, far more charming a person than I….)

So, drop by her blog and say hi, and if you’re led, help us with the March for Babies.

I love you, sweetheart.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Retrophisch v4.0. Or something.

So I got off my duff and finally got around to putting in to place the redesign (realignment?) of the blog that I’ve sat on for the better part of two years. Those of you who normally read the blog from the RSS feed can click over to see the new look. (If you care, that is.) Those of you who read the blog by actually going to it may have noticed the new look over the past couple of days. (Or maybe not, and if that’s the case, I’m left to wonder whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing.)

One thing you might notice on the main page is the Twitter section at the top, marked “Recently”. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you may have noticed that my blogging has taken a huge dive in recent months, with most posts consisting of the daily links posting from my account. The reason for that is I’m doing a lot of micro-blogging over on my Twitter account. I say micro-blogging, because Twitter limits each post to 140 characters. (This is largely due to the number of character one can put in to a SMS message, and Twitter has excellent SMS compatibility.) So now you when you visit this blog, you can also see my latest on Twitter.

There’s further tweaking ahead. I likely won’t leave all of those links in the sidebar. They’ll get spun off to a separate page, like the reading list and photos. I’d like to integrate a linkblog in to the main page, a la John Gruber and other bloggers, instead of relying on my account to automatically spit them out each morning. The linkblog would allow more immediate posting, and any comments about the link wouldn’t be limited to’s text field.

The biggest tweak, however, will be under the hood, as I upgrade to Movable Type 4. Hopefully, this will be transparent to you, dear reader, but will empower me and make my blogging life easier in the long run. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another two years for these various tweaks to be made reality.

I have quite a few people to thank for their input and help over the past two years. So many, in fact, that I dare not name them all here out of fear of leaving someone out. Needless to say, those of you who fall in to this category know who are. You occupy prime positions in my instant-messaging buddy list and e-mail address book. You are my friends, and for putting up with my endless questions of “How does this look?” and “What do you think of this?”, or the myriad times when I failed to even ask a question and just IMed you a link with no backgrounding of any sort on my part, you have my sincerest thanks.

If you absolutely hate the new look of the blog, well, that’s your opinion, and you should place any blame for your dislike firmly at my feet. If you absolutely love the new look, it’s because of the wonderful people, mentioned above, who took time out of their lives to share part of mine with me.

Oh, and if you happen to be nostalgic for the old look, you can still find it here, for a little while.

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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

MarsEdit 2

My favorite blogging client has now been revved to version 2. I’ve been using MarsEdit ever since original developer Brent Simmons rolled out the 1.0 product, and I’ve been very happy with it. A couple of months ago, I began beta-testing new owner Daniel Jalkut’s upgrade of the client, and wow, was I ever blown away. Brent never really had the time to devote to MarsEdit, what with the popularity of NetNewsWire, and Daniel has definitely taken MarsEdit to the next level.

One thing I’ve noticed, being on the beta test lists of a few independent and small-shop Mac developers, is the level of responsiveness from those developers. You’re talking directly with the individual responsible for the product, not some project manager or mid-level flunky who really doesn’t get what’s going on with the application. Daniel is no exception, encouraging great participation from those on the beta list, and he always maintains a professional, and very friendly, attitude. It sounds like the the upgrade release is a hit so far, and no wonder, because MarsEdit 2 is a great product.

Great job, Daniel!

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Saturday, 07 July 2007

Why the iPhone Doesn’t Include Flash

(The obvious answer is “Flash sucks, that’s why”.)

Brent Simmons:

We all know that the iPhone doesn’t include Flash. Various theories have been aired.

I have a theory that I haven’t heard yet: Flash wasn’t included because it crashes so much.

I detest Flash. It’s a resource hog, and there are very few Flash-based sites that are well designed to begin with. I hope Google moves YouTube to H.264 video for the “regular” Internet, not just for the iPhone’s access.

Roughly Drafted makes the case that the iPhone is a threat to Flash, as well as to Windows Media and Real. Why? Because H.264 is an standard video codec that doesn’t rely on a software processor, for one. In laymen’s terms, by using H.264, your system doesn’t have to work as hard, because it likely has a hardware processor capable of decoding H.264 without having to hit your general processing unit, which means you get more battery life, use less power, etc.

If you’re a content provider, you don’t have to worry about providing multiple video formats. You can simply output a single, MPEG-based H.264 video that you know users won’t have to have a plug-in for, like Flash, Windows Media, or Real. The other upside is that you don’t have to pay any licensing fees for those three formats, either. Sounds like a win-win to me.

[Wave of the phin to Lee for the Roughly Drafted link, via IM.]

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Monday, 12 February 2007

Genealogy meets social networking

I believe genealogy fascinates a lot of people. We’ve all thought about “Where did I come from?” Most of us have no memories of family beyond our grandparents, maybe our great-grandparents. (I was able to know two of my great-grandmothers, both on my dad’s side, as a child.)

I came across Geni through some random blog readings, and I started a family tree with myself, in the hope I can help my son understand our family history a bit when he gets older.

The cool thing about Geni is that as you add people to your tree, you can invite them to sign up for the site (it’s free, at least for now), and they can add to their own tree, which in turn adds to yours. Think of it as MySpace meets the family tree, social networking making genealogy more practical. After all, my dad knows a lot more about his grandparents and great-grandparents than I do, and he can add a lot more information himself that I might not even think of.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Rearranging the furniture

I won’t go in to the whole spiel, because why say what’s already been said? Suffice to say, postings of a certain nature will increase in frequency here, because they are no longer being posted there. Links which appeared in the side bar there will be appearing in the side bar here. Some of you won’t care, some of you will. That’s just the way it is.

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Sunday, 14 January 2007

It’s Twitterrific!

I confess I’ve been sucked in to the world of Twitter. It’s kind of addictive, watching what folks like John Gruber, the Iconfactory boys, Maury McCown, and even Darth Vader, are up to.

I’d love to know if my friends have accounts, so I can add you as a friend to mine, and please feel free to add me as a friend to yours. Ping me via IM, drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment.

One cool thing Twitter did last week was they created a Macworld account. By adding this account as a friend, you could follow the postings of those at Macworld Expo as Steve announced the latest and greatest tech from our favorite fruit company. There were so many messages coming in to Twitter through AOL Instant Messenger that Twitter exceeded its allowable AIM traffic, and that service was unavailable for about a day. (To clarify, you couldn’t post to Twitter via AIM; Twitter and AIM were each unaffected.)

You can post to Twitter via your Twitter page, by instant message (Jabber or AIM), or by text message from your mobile phone. (Text message charges from your mobile provider apply, but there’s no charge from Twitter.) If you’re a Mac user, you can also use Maury McCown’s TwitterPost, or the just-released-today Twitterrific from those aforementioned boys at the Iconfactory. Both apps are freeware.

So the question remains, what are you doing?

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Monday, 27 November 2006

The News Right Now

I’d say something pithy like, “All the news you can use in one spot”, but for quite a few folks, it may not, in fact, be all the news they could use, and it may not include all of the news they may want to use. Be that as it may: The News Right Now.

TNRN is a news aggregator which combines “Old Media” with “The Blogs”, their titles, not mine. The sources are divided on the page, with the former being on top, and the latter on the bottom. There are preferences to switch this, and to even exclude one or the other from being displayed. Another preference to tweak is the displaying of news by the source, or by topic, by source being the default. These preferences are in handy drop-down menus at the top of the page.

In the Old Media wing, one can find the headlines from The Wall Street Journal, the AP, Reuters, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, WSJ’s OpinionJournal, Philly’s Inquirer, the LA Times, the Washington Times, and a few others.

The Blogs range from Washington Monthly to The Corner (National Review), The American Prospect to, Eschaton and the Daily Kos to Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt. Joshua Micah Marshall, The Plank, Michelle Malkin, Power Line, and Ed Morrissey round out the featured bloggers.

There is no way to delete or add an individual news source or blog, but for a lot of folks who may engage several of these sites per day, The News Right Now is a good way to get an overview of the latest news from a single source.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Retrophisch turns phour

Four years ago today, the first post appeared, and a new blog was born. I moved my blogging efforts from my first site to this one, and I’ve been here ever since. Well, this and another place or two.

My thanks to my small—very small—but loyal band of readers. You all should comment more!

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Friday, 08 September 2006

One Year Strong

As of today, Paul Stamatiou has been blogging for a year. Congrats, Stammy!

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Friday, 01 September 2006


  • For you baseball aficionados, Tiff has a great story on what happened when she gave tickets to some coworkers, and how they thanked her.

  • Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit, affectionately known as the MacBU, has its own blog.

    Via The Iconfactory

  • Someone took the house I, and I’m sure thousands of others, would love to live in—Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater—and put it in Half Life 2.


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Sunday, 13 August 2006

I’m just a hunk of, hunk of burning feed

If you read this blog mainly through my news feed, please note that I’m now using FeedBurner to supply the site’s RSS feed. The old feed is still operational, and will remain so for a while, but I would like to discontinue it in the near future.

So in your news reader of choice, please update the Retrophisch news feed:

You can also click on the feed link on the main page, or the RSS button in Safari’s address bar, or that of your auto feed-detecting browser of choice.

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Michael has announced that C-Command now has forums for all of its products.

I helped him do some testing with the forum boards—which means we spent about ten minutes on it—and if you’re a SpamSieve or DropDMG user, I hope to see you around the virtual water cooler.

* * *

Messy networks.

Dear God in Heaven.

[Via Firewheel Design.]

* * *

Just when I thought there was never going to be anything interesting on Yahoo’s corporate blog, they have races with toy babies triggered by the licking of lollipops.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Six years

It wasn’t much of a first post, just kind of a “Hello, world, this is me…” sort of thing. Really feeble, looking back on it now. But it’s been six years; the blogging portion of my self is now a first grader. Though, given how rapidly the pace moves in the blogosphere, I’m sure we have something akin to dog-years multiplication to determine the “true” age of our blog-selves.

A lot changes in six years.

Since that first post on August 1, 2000, there have been four national elections, including two presidential elections. The first was bitterly contested, though even so, still showed the world how the rule of law can prevail and the change of power in a nation can be handled without violence and bloodshed. Our nation was brutally attacked on September 11, 2001, and a vast majority of our citizens finally realized the fact that we had been at war with radical Islam for more than two decades. I pray we continue to realize that fact, and what it means to maintain resolve for the next two decades.

Six years ago, not too many people had heard of Google, now officially a verb as well as a proper noun. Now, it has supplanted Yahoo as the number-one search destination on the Internet, though the latter still reigns as the top portal site. Microsoft has managed to ship only one new version of its flagship operating system. In six years. One.

Steve Jobs’ return to Apple has reversed the company’s fortune. Though our favorite fruit company may not be shipping any more Macintosh units now than it was prior to Jobs coming back, it has changed the face of the computing and music industries. The iMac. The G4. The G5. iTunes. The iPod.

Six years ago, the words “Macintosh” and “Intel” would never be found in the same sentence together, except for a Mac zealot excoriating the chip maker, or vice versa. Even more outlandish would have been the notion of a dual-boot Macintosh: one that can run the Mac OS or Windows. Pull that off, Michael Dell.

The weblog has become a serious element of what is called “New Media”, the power of the blog leading to, among other things, the exposure of Jayson Blair as a fraud, the ouster of Trent Lott as Senate Majority Leader, and, ultimately, the end of Dan Rather’s career as a major network news anchor. Web designers and programmers are able to do things now they could only dream about six years ago, as we witness the rise of “Web 2.0”. Six years ago, RSS (define it however you will) wasn’t a blip on anyone’s radar, and Atom wasn’t even a seed in the minds of its creators, yet today “feeds” are an integral part of the online experience.

Six years ago, I had one site. Today, besides this one, I maintain two others.

Six years ago, my wife and I hadn’t really been on a vacation in the previous five years. Since then, we’ve been to the Hawaiian Islands three times, Santa Fe, San Francisco, New York, the mountains of Arkansas, New England, and Wyoming. Six years ago, I was beginning to renew a love with photography, thanks to my first digital camera. My father planted the seed of this love, giving me his old 35mm camera when I went on the yearbook staff my senior year in high school. I was looking through my senior year book a month or so ago, and was fascinated by the number of photographs therein that were mine. Now, I don’t have to wait for photos to be printed to display them.

Six years ago, I was still in the beginnings of online friendships that are now deeper than I thought could be, having met, in person, these guys only a few times. Lee, Michael, Rob: my life is richer because of your being in it. I have invested in new friendships, and hope to grow some more.

Six years ago, a guy at the office was just a coworker who happened to be a fellow Christian. Today, he is a close friend, who helped me come in from the cold, get grounded and real about my faith. He helped me rediscover a love for baseball I had left behind in college, and has been a steady confidant. FranX, you embody the principal of iron sharpening iron, and I cannot tell you how much I value our friendship.

Six years ago we were in one house, in another city within the DFW metroplex. Today, we’re in a bigger house, in a slightly smaller town next to the city we used to live in. Six years ago, close friends from college were a fifteen-minute drive from our old house; today, they’re a two-minute walk away. We have new friends, who have changed our lives in profound ways, as we have witnessed the births of children, the failures in marriage, and the changing of jobs, both for them as well as ourselves.

Six years ago, my wife was on the road to partnership in a major Dallas law firm. Now, she’s working for the subsidiary of a Fortune 500, an in-house counsel with better hours and quality of life. Six years ago, I was employed by a Fortune 100 telecommunications company. Now, I’m three years past being laid off from that same company, the skill sets I thrived on there deteriorating as I struggle within myself to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I left behind coworkers who had become more than that, they were friends, and I thank God I am still able to keep in touch with them, even if for the most part it is through instant messages and e-mail.

Six years ago, my wife and I were beginning the long, hard road to become parents. Three years ago, we were handed a little miracle, and I mean that in every sense of the word: born nine weeks early, you would never know it to look at our son today. We are truly blessed.

Six years ago, we were still wandering in the wilderness of faith. We did not have a church home, and my walk with God consisted mainly of reading Christian literature and listening to Christian-branded music. Thanks to some of those new friends mentioned above, we now have a place to call home, and my own walk has been deepened as a result.

Six years ago, I was not as happy as I am now. I like to think I was pretty happy then, but in six years I’ve grown in many ways (while staying pretty juvenile in others). I am closer to my Lord, I am closer to my wife—my best friend and love, who puts up with and accepts me—and I am closer to friends, of which there are more today than before. I have this beautiful little boy in my life whom I love more than I ever thought was possible to love another human being.

Jobs come and jobs go. One career is left for one in another field. Scenery changes. Technology changes. The majority of the people in your life will pass before your eyes as if vapor. Six years ago, I didn’t have as clear of a focus on the really important things of life, and today I do.

A lot changes in six years.

I’m so looking forward to the next six.

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Monday, 31 July 2006


The iPod cases from ifrogz look very nice. I like the customizable aspects of the design, but would love to be able to upload my own image for the Screenz. A Retrophisch-branded iPod case in “Gun Metal” Wrapz and “Thick Black” Bandz would rock.

* * *

Amazon Grocery is now out of beta after more than 200,000 people have used it to shop for food staples.

* * *

One of the recent winners of a Flickr Pro account speaks to my childhood.

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Thursday, 27 July 2006

Stuff a calendar into your Backpack

So the calendar feature for Backpack launched today. I like how easy it is to add items to the calendar, and I realize this is a 1.0 release (Note to Google: it’s not a beta.), but I’m greatly disappointed it didn’t roll out with repeating events as part of the feature set. I was looking forward to using iCal solely as the desktop conduit between an online calendar I can access anywhere, and my mobile devices with which I would like to sync calendar events.

Sure, I can do that with Google Calendar, but I’m already in Backpack so much, and I like 37signals’ implementation and interface better. Besides repeating events, other features I’d like to see added in a future update, ranked in order of personal importance:

  • Events added to Backpack’s Calendar do not show the scheduled time within the calendar. Mark Gallagher notes this in the announcement’s comments, because to see an event’s time, you have to click on the event, instead of just being able to glance at the calendar and seeing all of the times in context.

  • The ability to toggle the time on the reminder. For some events, I need more than 30 minutes notice, my parents’ anniversary, for instance, which I need a few days notice so I can buy a card and put it in the mail to them. Yes, I know I can use Backpack’s Reminders feature for this, but it would be more productive to have this built in to the Calendar side of the house. It seems like overkill, and double work, for me to enter the event of my parents’ anniversary in to the calendar, then have to switch over and enter a separate reminder to buy a card days in advance.

    Commenter “D” notes: “Quick hack to get repeating events: enter them as reminders and then subscribe to your reminder feed within calendar.” This is working well for me, so far, but then you’ll get in to the situation of all of your reminders being in a single calendar, when you would like to have reminders in different calendars: Personal, Work, Pet, and so on.

    In the Backpack Calendar forums, 37signals’ own Jason Friedman notes that they weren’t happy with the repeating events implementation, and decided not to include it the 1.0 release. So at least for now, the best way to get this function is D’s suggestion, but it’s nice to know it is being worked on, and we can expect it in the future. I hope this upcoming implementation allows for the setting of a time other than thirty minutes before.

  • Single, all-day events should be displayed in the same way as multiple-day events. This was a suggestion by Ryan Christensen in the announcement’s comments. This would distinguish the all-day event, like my aforementioned parents’ anniversary, from a time-specific event, like “Give the dog his heartworm pill at noon”.

  • To-do list implementation for the calendar. Again, from the comments to the announcement, Jeff Croft asks about this, specifically that supported by the iCalendar format. Probably ninety-five percent of what I personally use Backpack for is some sort of to-do list. For short-term stuff, I would love to see this implemented in the Calendar, but have lived without it this far. I would much rather see 37signals devote developer time to repeating events and print styles, something they still need for Backpack’s regular pages.

All in all, the Calendar function in Backpack is simple and elegant, and on par with what I would expect from 37signals. It took them two and a half months to arrive at this point; I hope the next two and a half months result in usability improvements which put the Backpack Calendar over the top.

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Monday, 24 July 2006

And we’re back

Mucho gracias to sysadmin extraordinaire Jim, who was up late last night with the server transition.

There is nothing like a fast server on a fast pipe to give you the warm fuzzies in your little geek heart.

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Sunday, 23 July 2006

Server migration

We’re moving servers, thanks to the efforts of Jim, our sysadmin extraordinaire, so this site and its related entities will be unavailable for a while, beginning around 8 PM CST this evening. This includes e-mail, so if you try to send anything to my e-mail address at this domain after 8 PM, you may want to wait until tomorrow.

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Saturday, 22 July 2006

Israel Update

If you’d like a first-person account of the Hezbollah attacks on Israel, and the Israeli response, head over to David Dolan’s site and subscribe to his e-mail list.

David is a Christian pastor and author who has been resident in Israel for many years. Last year, David spoke at our church, and even for someone like me, who has followed the Mideast conflict, and the region’s history, for many years, it was eye-opening.

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Monday, 26 June 2006

No MySpace for me

Lee perfectly sums up my feelings on MySpace.

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I love the build names for Ubuntu Linux: “Breezy Badger”, “Dapper Drake”. Are they all alliteral?

[Via Paul.]

* * *

Though I don’t do nearly enough of either, I love hiking and camping, and could see myself as a flashpacker.

* * *

Stephen H. Wildstrom has the latest idiotic move by the recording industry, which is suing XM Satellite Radio over its Inno portable receiver/recorder. Even though there’s no way to get the XM-specific music files off the Inno (yet), and despite the millions and millions of dollars in royalties XM already pays the music industry, the Inno is obviously a threat to the future of music as we know it and it must be stopped.

In other news, consumers welcomed more artists as the latter left the major music labels…

* * *

Entrepreneurs should check out the WSJ’s StartupJournal.

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Friday, 23 June 2006

Reason #37 to Avoid Internet Explorer

Per Paul Stamatio, as if you needed thirty-six other reasons.

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Thursday, 15 June 2006


Guy mentions the web telephony service Jajah, which looks interesting, especially when compared to Skype. Unlike the latter, Jajah doesn’t require you to download any software, and you use your own phone.

This is just about as dead-simple telephony as you can get. You enter your phone number, then the number you’re calling, then hit the Call button. Your phone rings, you answer, then it rings the number you’re calling. That’s it.

So, like Skype, you can call internationally really cheap. Unlike Skype, you can dial Guadalajara, then chat on your mobile with the golf pro who took three strokes off your game, all while you drive to your local course.

Personally, I’ve never had much use for Skype. I haven’t called internationally in ten years, easy. Calls within the borders of the U.S. are covered adequately by my mobile phone plan. And if I were calling internationally, I may not want to be tied to the computer when doing so. Should I have the need, I can certainly see myself favoring Jajah.

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Friday, 05 May 2006

Weblogs, Pamphlets and Public Citizens: Changing Modern Media

Speaking of Tom, he’s authored a great paper as part of the Master’s program he’s enrolled in. Titled “Weblogs, Pamphlets and Public Citizens: Changing Modern Media”, in which he compares the citizen journalists of today’s blogosphere to the pamphleteers of pre-Revolutionary War America. I got a sneak peek during the drafting and editing phase, and I think it’s really good.

Some choice quotes:

The effects of blogs in a new media environment are twofold: Weblogs cover stories that their mainstream media counterparts, for editorial reasons or other gatekeeping practices common in modern professional media, omit or miss entirely; and weblogs also bring to bear an ever-vigilant group of diverse problem solvers that fact-check the work of many reporters and journalists in the mass-media arena. This makes the blogosphere an excellent addendum to mass media, operating as both appendix and errata to the main compendium of stories that the mass media puts into the public sphere using trained reporters and journalists.


As technology had advanced further, producing Really Simple Syndication (RSS), a distribution method that allows for easy and automatic syndication of new additions to weblogs, it has become possible for a consumer of media to add weblogs to their daily news diet. This allows for readers to mix and match their media, creating a new media outlet that is personally tailored to their interests and to their pursuits. Using an RSS-reader application on a personal computer, a sports fan can have a forty-page sports section and a one page local section, or a political junkie can have page after page of differing commentary from a variety of sources. The reader becomes their own editor and gatekeeper, combining multiple weblogs and conventional media sources, which have also adopted RSS, into their own personal fountain of news and commentary.

If you’ve read Dan Gillmor’s We The Media and/or Hugh Hewitt’s Blog, some of Tom’s piece will sound familiar, especially in that he cites the former as a source, but I say the familiarity makes Tom’s arguments stronger. Good work, my friend!

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Tuesday, 02 May 2006


I know Lee will be interested in Anil’s observations on web site comments.

* * *

Stop wandering aimlessly through that phone tree, and get a human on the line.

* * *

“This is hot.” New fan-created Firefox ad that’s really good.

* * *

Love coffee? Love cafes, but don’t want to support the corporate monstrosity? Then use Delocator to find local shops near you. And please, if you know of a local cafe that’s not listed on Delocator, add it!

[Waves of the phin to John, Paul, and John at FD.]

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Saturday, 15 April 2006

Firefox Flicks

While I think it’s probably the third-best browser for Mac OS X, I would have to say Firefox is the best browser for those who insist on using Windows. Some of the more rabid Firefox fans are making their own commercials for the browser. Give Me The Soap is my favorite.

[With a wave of the phin to dealnews.]

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Tuesday, 11 April 2006


It’s too bad I have no design experience nor web programming skills. The guys at Firewheel Design sound fun to work with, and they’re about fifteen minutes away in Southlake.

* * *

Dan needs some of this furniture in his pad.

* * *

Cableyoyo’s new Pop is a good idea, but most folks I know with iPods keep them in some sort of case.

* * *

What happens when you shove an iPod Shuffle in to a NES controller?

* * *

[With waves of the phin to the Firewheel Design blog, and Macsimum News.]

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Monday, 03 April 2006


To get back at phishers (as opposed to a phisch), use PhishFighting. It’s certainly a much better use of CPU cycles than looking for aliens that don’t exist.

[Via IM from Lawson.]

* * *

Lee has no sense of adventure.

* * *

Memo to Skip Bertman, Director of Athletics, Louisiana State University: in the future, Final Four-bound teams are not allowed to come back to Baton Rouge prior to the semi-final game. Apparently, there’s something in the water that results in “chucking”, better known as “the shooting of bricks”.

It was painful enough watching the men’s team lose the game last night due to their inability to put the ball in the basket (as opposed to UCLA’s winning by making it difficult for the Tigers to do so), but the ladies seemed to have the same problem tonight against Duke, a team which was making it difficult for the Tigers to put the ball in the basket.

Two shots at a championship, two shots blown. Kudos to UCLA and Duke. There’s always next year.

And it’s baseball season.

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Friday, 24 March 2006

They’re still around?

I’m sure some of you will respond to this revelation with a “Well, duh!”, but CompuServe is still around.

One of the ladies in our minichurch has a e-mail address, and suddenly curious as to what that domain was, I punched it in to Safari’s address box. Lo and behold, it’s CompuServe.

Which is now owned by Netscape.

Which is owned by AOL Time Warner.


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Thursday, 09 March 2006

Flickr finding whales

“This is what Flickr has the power to do.”

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Thursday, 05 January 2006

On those Wikipedia ills

Given Ellyn’s column this month on Wikipedia, I thought this Penny Arcade was apropos.

[Wave of the phin to Dan.]

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Monday, 02 January 2006

Let the Good Times Roll

Guy Kawasaki has a new blog.

[Via John.]

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Wednesday, 21 December 2005

What’s in your Backpack?

So the gang at 37signals have launched an affiliate program for Backpack, and, of course, I’ve signed up. You will note the link graphic in the side bar, under the “Support” heading.

37signals is doing something a bit differently with the Backpack affiliate program: you don’t actually receive cash, but rather credit toward your own Backpack account. Theoretically, your own Backpack usage could be completely free if enough people sign up for a paid plan through your referral link.

You can use this link to sign up for and use the Backpack web service. The default plan is free, so it doesn’t cost you a thing to try the service out. Backpack affiliates don’t make a dime unless you upgrade from the free plan to one of the paid plans, which start at a mere five dollars a month. (This is the plan I am currently on.) Continued use of Backpack is one more reason I will likely not renew my .Mac subscription next year.

I just wish the affiliate program had been up and running last month, when I upgraded. Then Tom, who got me hooked on Backpack to begin with, could have earned some coin.

Backpack won’t be for everyone, just as with any other tool, but as with any other tool, you won’t know if you’ll like it unless you try it.

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Note to self

Do not leave your Gmail In box open in your browser window, as it inevitably will consume mass amounts of real and virtual memory. Get in, do what you have to do, and get out.

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Monday, 19 December 2005

Pulling the plug on Info-Mac

Adam Engst details the plan for retiring the Info-Mac Network, noting that it has outlived its usefulness given the Internet’s current climate.

The retirement will not be immediate, though the ceasing of new software acceptance will be. The Info-Mac server will remain online for a few months, as mirror sites make the necessary decisions regarding supporting the now-frozen archive. If you want your very own mirror of the Info-Mac archives, you’ll need a mere seven gigabytes of storage and a simple Unix command.

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Sunday, 18 December 2005

So I Have a Blog

You have to love the ode to Douglas Adams on Tim Berners-Lee’s new blog. (Hint: bottom of the page.)

[A wave of the phin to John.]

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Friday, 09 December 2005 joins y.ah.oo!

Now that Yahoo! has absorbed another social-software site, maybe’s import feature will get fixed. I’m hesitant to really dive in to the service, or Furl, until one of them can import all of the bookmarks I have loaded in my browser.

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Wednesday, 02 November 2005

C-Command Blog

Michael now has a dedicated blog for C-Command products. Since the illustrious Mr. Tsai has not yet posted feed links, allow me to help you out: RSS, or if you prefer, Atom.

[Big wave of the phin to Lee for the pointers to the feed links.]

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Tuesday, 25 October 2005

It is about time…

With thanks to John for the post title and link:

Rich Siegel, of Bare Bones fame, is finally blogging.

As if it weren’t enough that Rich is responsible for two of the applications I use the most each day, he is a fellow scotch and peanut butter lover. Rich, drop me a line when you’re in Dallas; there’s 12-year Glenfiddich Special Reserve in the pantry.

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Thursday, 20 October 2005

Get Retrophisch in your in box

If you care to get Retrophisch posts via e-mail, now you can, thanks to Bloglet. Scroll down, and look for the Bloglet subscription box in the right-side column. Enter your e-mail address, hit the subscribe button, and that’s it. Enjoy!

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Monday, 10 October 2005


Three years. One thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven posts.


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Sunday, 09 October 2005

New meaning to the term “flipping off”?

Need to send an e-mail to a loved one’s or friend’s mobile phone, but can’t remember the confusing phonenumber@anameotherthanthecompany.something e-mail address wireless services set up? Use Teleflip, a free service. You can use it from any e-mail client or web-based e-mail. Just send a message to, and that’s it. Be sure to use all ten of the phone’s numbers.

(Note that any fees your wireless provider charges for receiving e-mail/text messages to your phone will still apply.)

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Saturday, 08 October 2005

Markdown for Backpack & Writeboard

Backpack and Writeboard, two excellent services by 37signals, both use Textile for text formatting. I have nothing against Textile; I used to use the plug-in for Movable Type on my blogs.

When John Gruber released Markdown in to the wild, I was intrigued, and soon after, made the switch from Textile to Markdown, and I’ve used it for online formatting ever since. Like Merlin, I’ve found myself using Markdown syntax in other areas, but unlike Merlin, only while typing.

Now I want to have my cake and eat it, too: Markdown for Backpack & Writeboard.

After using the latter for a couple of days, I e-mailed 37signals with my request. I figured it would be something not-too-hard (I hesitate to use the phrase “fairly easy,” because I am, for the most part, totally clueless about backend web server type stuff) for them to implement Markdown formatting for Writeboard. My suggestion was to make it a preference a user could select, leaving Textile as the default.

The reply I received from 37signals honcho Jason Fried was encouraging. While he made no promise as to future implementation (not surprising, standard fare), it does sound like something they’ll toss around the conference table. A whiff of hope is better than none at all.

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Friday, 07 October 2005

Google Reader

Google’s version of Bloglines, Google Reader, is now available as a public beta. The first feed I put in was for Jon’s GoogleRumors, since that’s where I found out Google Reader was live. I echo Jon’s sentiments, and will also note, based on my own feed, that Google Reader doesn’t recognize HTML tags in post titles. It doesn’t seem as zippy as Gmail does, either.

I’ll keep my eye on it, but it won’t be replacing NetNewsWire for me any time soon.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2005

DoD cracking down on milblogs

No, the Defense Department isn’t shuttering personal blogs of soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen, but it is asking them to be more careful. I can understand the frustration some of our active-duty milbloggers must feel, but for security reasons, it is better to err on the side of caution and not post something the enemy could potentially use and exploit.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2005

More on the NetNewsWire acquisition

Tom’s not happy with Brent and Sheila’s sale of NetNewsWire to NewsGator. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that he’s literally on drugs.

If you’ve spent any time on the Ranchero beta lists, exchanged e-mail with Brent, or read his blog posts on development, you know Mr. Simmons does not go off half-cocked with major business and development decisions. Despite Tom’s dislike of NewsGator, I’m sure Brent and Sheila were quite careful with whom they chose to sell NetNewsWire. After all, this company is Brent’s new employer. He would have to be convinced the company would foster the sort of development environment in which he would have the freedom to make NetNewsWire all it could be.

As he notes, there are things he’s wanted to do with NNW that he has been able to not get to, having to deal with the business and support aspects of being an independent software developer. By going in-house with NewsGator, Brent is now free from those other constraints, absent anything he may wish to do on the side with Ranchero’s other products that NewsGator did not purchase. With regard to NetNewsWire, all Brent has to worry about right now is programming. One would reasonably believe this is a Very Good Thing™.

I have no opinion about NewsGator, as a company or with regard to any of its products. They have never been on my radar before. Perhaps Tom knows something I do not, but again, I believe Brent would have done his research regarding the company before making such a commitment.

With regard to selling out to Apple, I don’t see that ever happening. Apple’s nod to RSS is the feature built in to Safari. I don’t see a standalone news reader in Apple’s future, nor do I see Apple devoting the depth of features you can find in NetNewsWire in to the RSS cabinet of Safari.

In the end, it appears this is a good thing for the Simmons, and a good thing for Mac users. NetNewsWire simply rules the news reader market, on any platform. No doubt this is the number-one reason NewsGator was interested in it, and I don’t see any other product, much less an open-source initiative, knocking it from that perch any time soon.

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Brent and Sheila sell out

Gruber points out that Ranchero Software has sold NetNewsWire to NewsGator. Big, big news in the Macintosh community it is. It appears this is a good move for Brent and Sheila Simmons, and will not affect NetNewsWire aficionados, yours truly included. I am a little concerned about MarsEdit, which Brent says, in the above-linked interview, they are searching for a new home for.

I’m sure Brent will take some heat from certain zealots in the Mac blogosphere and beyond, but he will get none from me. He and Sheila have to do what’s best for them, and by throwing in with NewsGator, it would appear the sky is suddenly the limit. Our best wishes to the Simmons, and we eagerly await the next version of NetNewsWire!

Update, 9:35 PM CST: Gruber notes the post in Brent’s blog regarding the acquisition.

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Monday, 03 October 2005

Writeboard is live

Writeboard, the latest web service from 37signals, is now live. Think of Writeboard as a web-based whiteboard that can save all of your edits as you share with other users, and you can use Writeboard solo, too. Backpack users can attach writeboards to their backpack pages. The Writeboard web service is completely free.

I’m definitely going to look in to this more, as I agree with the 37signals gang: “Wikis are icky.”

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Friday, 23 September 2005

Bye-bye TrackBack

I’ve disabled TrackBack on this blog and on Godblog. Two reasons have brought about this change. First, the TrackBack spammers have gotten out of control. SpamLookup is heading them all off at the pass, and none are getting published (thanks, moderation pref), but it’s taking up too much of my time to moderate them to Junk status and delete.

Second, I can count on one hand the number of folks who have trackbacked to Retrophisch, and on two hands the number of times they have done so. I sincerely appreciate these, but for the two handfuls of legitimate pings I’m getting, it’s not worth keeping open and dealing with the spam. Godblog’s managed only a single trackback, so the same logic applies.

This will not prevent me from giving trackback love to those who deserve it. Comments are still open and their use encouraged.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2005

I’m thinking Cluetrain should be required reading for the Authors Guild

Note to self: do not join the clueless Authors Guild.

I echo Gruber’s sentiments regarding the decision of the Authors Guild to sue Google over Google Print. For one, an author can choose to exclude his work in a fairly simple process. Second, as an aspiring author, were I to publish a book, I would love to see it read by as many people as possible. If Google Print helped me accomplish that, so much the better.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2005


Congratulations to Michael Hyatt, who is going to have to change the graphic on his blog after his promotion yesterday.

(What Mr. Hyatt doesn’t know, is that when I finally get around to writing my Christian-worldview technothriller, I will relentlessly harass him to publish it. So keep that between us, okay?)

Seriously, though, Mr. Hyatt has big shoes to fill, and we wish him the best and will keep him in our prayers. Sure, all businesses exist to make money, but my view is that Christian businesses, and notably in this case, a publishing house, exist for a higher purpose as well.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2005


Jon reports that Google Talk has gone live. The IM product builds on Gmail accounts and the open-source Jabber IM service.

I’m already up and running on it with AdiumX, so I guess iChat will be taking a hike, and my fun balloons won’t be used in the future. (Can anyone point me to a reasonable substitute for Adium?) If you want to jaw via Jabber courtesy of Google, use my site name at gmail dot com, but you have to have a Gmail account to play along. Let me know if you’d like an invitation via the e-mail address noted in the previous sentence.

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Saturday, 20 August 2005

In search of a good web whacker

That’s web whacker, not weed whacker. The latter is taken care of by our Black & Decker Grass Hog.

A friend is looking for a Mac- or Java-based web whacker/sucker program for a project. According to what he’s tried so far:

  • Web Dumper doesn’t work
  • PageSucker stops working while in use
  • Site Orbiter doesn’t save files for browsing offline properly
  • Safari’s Web Archive feature isn’t cutting the mustard, either

The project in question is taking a dynamically-generated web site (which does not output HTML files), whacking/sucking it to a local machine in HTML format, then moving it offsite to another web server.

Please leave suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

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Thursday, 18 August 2005


Secure online storage and file sharing. Eight bucks a month gets you 4 gigs. No bandwidth charges, no contract. Nifty.

[Via Todd Dominey.]

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Buy your books like you buy your music

At least that’s what VitalSource is hoping you’ll do: buy eBooks from them in the same way people buy music from the iTunes Music Store. James Duncan Davidson just finished the new version of their client application, which looks pretty nice.

I, for one, cannot get in to the whole eBook thing. I have a few PDF-based books that I use for reference material, and I’ve read Cory Doctorow’s books in electronic format, but the latter is really because I’m unemployed and have to do what I can on the cheap. I much prefer the dead-tree edition of literature still.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2005


Not content to rest on his laurels, Jon’s decided to start I also can not believe there wasn’t a site like this already.

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Wednesday, 03 August 2005

Gmail on Mailsmith

I finally attempted, once again, to set up POP access to my Gmail account in Mailsmith. I used all of the settings found on the Configuring other mail clients page, made sure to check “Leave Mail on Server”, and like any good technology, it all just works.

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Tuesday, 02 August 2005

A blogiversary

This past Monday marked the 5th anniversary of my first-ever blog post. Egads.

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Sunday, 31 July 2005

Magic Pot of Jobs

Tiffany has a new project. If I could only get a recruiter as good as her here in DFW…

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Too many miles

Have more frequent-flyer miles than you know what to do with? Well, transfer some to me! I’ve got to get back to the islands!

Seriously, if you have more miles than you think you’re going to use any time soon, here are some web sites that might be able to help: up to 80 charities accepting point donations from 17 different airline programs trade in your miles, buy yourself an Iced Mocha Frappicino Grande. Or a new jacket.

Mileage Plus: 10,000 United miles = 100 downloads from Sony’s music service. Someone ping me when it works with iTMS.

[Via the 29 July 2005 edition of The Week, which got it from Real Simple.]

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Friday, 29 July 2005

Technorati Mobile

For those among us who are Technorati fiends, they have announced a mobile verison. I love the succinct URI.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Jeff is bored

Jeff Harrell:

People from time zones west of here should iChat me immediately. Especially if they’re twentysomething women who like to tell weirdo Internet writers how great they are all the time.

Middle-aged men pretending to be twentysomething women are okay too, as long as it’s convincing. You let it slip just once that you’re actually a forty-seven year old tire salesman who’s sitting in his enormous store-brand boxers with a Gateway on his lap, and the whole fucking thing is just ruined.

At least I can go to sleep tonight with something truly funny rolling around in my head. Come on, people, tip the man.

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Saturday, 16 July 2005

XHTML templates to jump start design

Kevin Hale of Particletree offers up some XHTML + CSS templates so you can get your next web design project quickly off the ground. Already in my bookmarks, and will definitely be a starting point for me in the future.

[With a wave of the fin to Jon.]

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Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Eric rocks

I have been lamenting the fact that I did not go with a Flickr Pro account a few months back, instead opting for another service. At the time, it was probably the reasonable decision, as the Flickr Pro accounts didn’t have all of the amenities they do now.

So I had actually been considering anteing up for the Flickr Pro account, because I realized I would use it more than the other service.

Tonight, out of the blue, during an IM conversation, Eric offers me a free-for-a-year Flickr Pro account he was given as a in-beta Flickr Pro account holder. “Problem” solved!

However, even though I am filled with gratitude for Eric’s generosity, he doesn’t want word getting out. He’s trying for that curmudgeon rep, and if he appears all nice and everything, that will never happen. So make sure you don’t link to this post any where. Maybe you shouldn’t even be reading it. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing it. Maybe I should delete it…

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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Reverse DNS Lookup

Not sure where I found this, as it was jotted on a card in my Hipster. A free service, you can perform reverse DNS lookups. If you don’t know what DNS is, don’t bother clicking.

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Sunday, 10 July 2005

The 100-post barrier

I happened to look at my archives page a moment ago, and noticed that in any given month, I have never cracked triple digits with the number of monthly posts. The closest I have come was 94 posts in February 2003. I just found this interesting, and thought I would share.

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Saturday, 09 July 2005

Tom turns two

Actually, his blog is two years old. Happy Blogiversary, my friend!

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Tuesday, 05 July 2005

Browsing this site

I echo Jeff’s sentiments. In Windows-world, I recommend Firefox; for the Mac, Safari or Camino.

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TypeKey changes

Six Apart announced an update to the TypeKey service, one of which is that you can now choose to remain logged in to TypeKey for up to 2 weeks. For those of you who may have held off registering with TypeKey because you hated having to log in every couple of hours to comment on someone’s blog, now you no longer have that excuse.

I use TypeKey registration for my blogs, though it is not required. Should you choose to comment without signing in via TypeKey, your comment will simply remain in limbo until I approve it. TypeKey registration is simple, fast, and free.

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Friday, 24 June 2005

Mobile CD Lookup

Jon has provided a great way to look up CD info on Amazon. I’ve already got it bookmarked in my mobile.

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Wednesday, 01 June 2005

Recommendations, allow me to introduce Wish List

Why is it that any time I look at the recommendations Amazon puts forth for my viewing pleasure, half of them are already on my wish list? You would think that with all of the web services, back-end stuff Amazon is in to these days, they would have devised a system where the recommendations I’m shown contain nothing that is on my wish list.

Update, 11:00 PM CST: So I put my money where my mouth is and sent an e-mail with my suggestion to Amazon’s General Questions box. I did get a response, but it seems to be of the form letter type. One thing it mentions is tweaking the recommendations, and I looked in to that.

The problem here is that I can see the items on my wish list that are included in the recommendations. There is a box next to each item that is checked, and the caption reads “Use to make recommendations”. My issue here is, I want Amazon to use this type of item to make future recommendations, but I don’t want this specifc item to show up in my recommendations. So do I uncheck the box or not?

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Tuesday, 03 May 2005

Microsoft fonts still in Tiger

John Gruber notes that the Microsoft fonts typically associated with and installed with Internet Explorer are still present in Mac OS X Tiger. Good news for web designers, and all those who appreciate a good font; Verdana and Georgia are among my favorites in their respective categories. Verdana is my default web and e-mail reading font, and I generally use Georgia for all of my styled text editing. As a matter of fact, it’s the font my resume is set in.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2005

How to Get into Blogs 101

Stephen O’Grady has assembled a good introductory article for those who may not have gotten in to the blog-reading thing. For those of you reading this right now, this site is a blog, so you’re already reading at least one.

[Via Michael Hyatt.]

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Six Apart-GoLive intergration

Adobe GoLive CS2 is going to have integrated tools from Six Apart for MovableType and TypePad users. Maybe this will be a way to speed up generation of new site looks.

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Monday, 04 April 2005

Andrew Manzione, your father is looking for you

John Manzione is trying to locate his son Andrew, with whom he has had no contact in 18 years. If you know Andrew, or if for some reason Andrew is reading this, here is John’s e-mail address.

John + Andrew, 1984

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Thursday, 24 March 2005


I have joined the Flickr bandwagon. You can see my first set, from February of last year, “Winter Wonderland 2004”.

I am in the process of looking for a permanent residence on the web for my digital photos. I’m a little tired of the do-it-yourself routine I’ve been experimenting with, and I’m not looking forward to having to oversee yet another software backend, such as Gallery.

The photo set you can see at Flickr took me about five minutes to create. Granted, most of the hard work was already done in iPhoto (photo titles and captions). I used FlickrExport by Fraser Speirs to upload directly from iPhoto to my Flickr account. I uploaded the full-sized images, so my free Flickr account is currently full.

I had been looking at SmugMug, but now am having second thoughts, and am seriously considering upgrading to a Pro account with Flickr. More to come…

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Monday, 21 March 2005

Camino’s new digs

Mozilla offspring Camino has a new site. I like the new look, and downloaded the latest nightly build. Maybe it will be more stable on my system than 0.8.2. I really want to use Camino more, as I feel it’s faster than Safari on my systems, but it doesn’t seem as stable when it comes to running out of real RAM and having to subsist on virtual memory.

[Via DF via Daniel Bogan.]

UPDATE, 10:30 PM CST: After downloading and installing the latest nightly build, I happened across the site again, and was greeted with this banner near the top of the main page:

Camino bleeding edge notice

Fun, fun, fun!

UPDATE 2, 11:30 PM CST: You can find all of Camino’s keyboard shortcuts on one handy page. And its hidden preferences, too.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Secret post

CNET secrecy RSS post

An example of “practice what you preach”?

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Tuesday, 15 March 2005


For those who may care, having been inspired by Hugh Hewitt’s Blog, I have resumed blogging at Godblog, as of March 1st.

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Wednesday, 02 March 2005

Being hijacked

I am not referring to an airline hijacking.

Michael informed me this morning that our host for ATPM told him we went over our bandwidth limit for the month of February by 17 GB.

After further investigation, we learned that most of this extra bandwidth is going toward serving up various JPEGS to other sites. In other words, rather than downloading the desktop pictures we offer to our readers each month, and hosting it on their own server, people are linking directly to the file on our server for display on their sites. They are hijacking these images, and our bandwidth. This is nothing new. It’s just never happened on such a large scale before with any site I’ve been involved in.

People, this is not cool. First off, those desktop pictures are the copyrighted property of a photographer or artist who graciously donated their use to ATPM, and subsequently to our readers, as desktop pictures. This means if you want to use said picture on your web site, or any other medium, you should be contacting that photographer or artist for permission. Second, if said photographer or artist grants you permission for usage, you then host the picture on your own site. To link to the picture directly on ATPM means you are stealing our bandwidth, and driving up our costs.

We are not a for-profit publication. Our staff is all-volunteer, from the top down. Any moneys generated from ads and sponsorships goes in to our hosting costs, and after ten consecutive years of publication, those costs can be considerable. Thus, bandwidth is not something we can afford to give away, and certainly not at the rate of an extra 17 GB every month.

If you are one of the many persons out there linking directly to one of our pictures, please stop. You are violating legitimate copyright and stealing bandwidth from a group of people who do something each month out of love and joy.

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Tuesday, 01 March 2005

2I is 1

This week is the week of site birthdays, I suppose. Lee’s Second Initial turns one today. Congratulations, compadre!

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Friday, 25 February 2005

About those unblocked pop-up/under ads

In case you’ve ever wondered why you keep getting pop-up or pop-under ads, even though you have pop-up blocking enabled in Safari or Firefox, MDJ has the answer in today’s issue:

Several people have noticed more pop-up and pop-under Web ads recently, even if Safari’s pop-up blocker is turned on. Safari can’t block them because they’re not coming from JavaScript - they’re coming from Macromedia Flash content. Macromedia has spent the past few years bragging about Flash’s browser ubiquity, convincing developers to create everything from simple animations to full-fledged video in Flash because every browser can run it.

Now we’re seeing the dark side of that - Flash content can also open windows, and advertisers are using it to subvert standard pop-up blocking, which typically prevents JavaScript code from opening new windows unless you clicked on a link to do so.

So there you have it. Yet another reason to hate Flash.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

What’s so about it?

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the whole craze?

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MT-TypeKey dual login?

So I just left a comment, in reply to one left by Raena, and a thought occurred to me: If I’m logged in to my Movable Type installation already, why can’t I already be logged in to my TypeKey account as well? It just seems silly to have to go through a separate login procedure to leave comments on my own blog.

Speaking of Movable Type, the web site has undergone somewhat of a makeover, and the old .org domain redirects to the link just noted. The new menu across the top left reflects all of Six Apart’s products, including the newly-purchased LiveJournal.

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Sunday, 13 February 2005

New archives

Thanks to inspiration from Lee, and code from Chris, I have the master archive index page I’ve been wanting. You will note there is no longer a monthly archive list in the sidebar. You can always get to the site archives by clicking on that “Archives” button in the navigation menu at the top right of each page.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2005

So, yeah, I was stupid

Enormously, incredibly stupid. Michael was right. I was insane. I am man enough to admit such.

No more blogging at Godblog or digitalpembroke. (I do not link to the former because that domain will eventually go bye-bye, but do to the latter because I will keep it; it was my first domain, my first blog, my online baby.)

So while Retrophisch will maintain its focus on Macs and technology, items that were previously reserved for the above blogs, plus the already-retired Ludichris and Forty Caliber, may find their way here as well. Fear not, dear reader. Those other blogs were woefully underposted to begin with, which was what led to their retirement. You will not see a sudden influx of firearms or political-based postings. There are other bloggers doing a far better job than I on those topics. Yeah, there are bloggers doing a far better job on pretty much any topic I choose to cover. So I’m an egomaniacal narcissist at heart. All bloggers are. ;-)

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Is Gmail reaching saturation?

Tom notes logging in to his Gmail account this morning, and finding 50 invitations to offer to others. This prompted me to do the same, wondering if I would also have 50 invites, seeing as how the last time I looked at my Gmail account, I still had 4 from the previous 6 given to me still available.

Sure enough, there’s the little box, just like Tom has in his post, with 50 invites ready to go. How am I supposed to get rid of this many invites? Has Gmail already reached a saturation level, and it’s not even out of its invitation-only beta program?

Maybe it’s just me; I have a fairly close-knit group of online friends, with a slightly larger group of acquaintances. Everyone in these two groups who wants a Gmail account already has one. Heck, the reason I have a Gmail account is because one of my friends pointed me to a post by Tom offering Gmail invites back when they were hard to come by, and this is how he and I began chatting. (FYI: my winning funny is #2 in the comments.)

I’ve had a hard enough time unloading the last six invites Google gave me. I’ve joined Gmail for the Troops, but have yet to unload any invites that way. My own attempt to have fun while giving out invites met with one whole reader taking me up on the offer. So now I’ve got 50 invites. Want one?

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Tuesday, 01 February 2005

Fighting the link spammers

Everyone seems to be linking to The Register’s interview with a link spammer. This is what caught my attention:

“The hardest form to spam is that which requires manual authentication such as captchas. Or those where you have to reply to an email, click on a link in it; though that can be automated too. Those where you have to register and click on links, they’re hard as well. And if you change the folder names where things usually reside, that’s a challenge, because you just gather lists of installations’ folder names.”

So now you see why I’m using TypeKey.

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Saturday, 08 January 2005

Combatting spam for Movable Type users

His Gruberness has written, on behalf and with the input of, Six Apart, a comprehensive guide on weblog comment spam. This has given me some ideas for moving forward, though since I have instituted comment registration via TypeKey, I haven’t had a comment spam problem. Registration through TypeKey is free, easy, and fast, and it allows you to comment on any site which supports the protocol.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Google 2004 Zeitgeist

Anyone else out there find the 2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist to be a total yawner?

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Monday, 13 December 2004

On Amazon’s search engine

I have come to the conclusion—and many of you may be wondering what took me so long—that Amazon’s search engine could be vastly improved. Viz: I enter “Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” in the search field, with the pull-down menu set to Books. In the first page of results, nada. By inserting “The” at the beginning of the search phrase, the book pops up as the number one item returned. One would think that the search phrase I originally entered would have been enough.

Likewise, I entered “Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World” in the search field, again with Books selected in the pull-down menu, and again, got nothing returned in the first page of results. I entered the author’s name, “Wesley J. Smith,” and his tome appears as the first search result. Only it has a capital “A” in the title. Again, the original search phrase should have been enough for Amazon’s search engine to figure out what I wanted.

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Saturday, 11 December 2004

War hath been declared

So some of you may have noticed the site was down earlier this evening for about an hour. My sysadmin pulled the plug, so to speak, because those scum of the ‘net were hammering our server so badly, Apache may as well have been under a true DoS attack. I am referring, of course, to comment spammers.

So, henceforth, we’re going to try comment registration. It’s free, doesn’t cost you anything but a few moments of time over at TypeKey. With your TypeKey login, you can comment on any site that supports the protocol. (Nearly all of these will be those that use Movable Type or TypePad.) I’m sorry it’s come to this, but as with most things, a few bad apples ruin the whole barrel.

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Saturday, 06 November 2004

Kalsey on Firefox

Wes points to this analysis of Firefox by Adam Kalsey, which I think is brilliant. I am an Internet power user, and I still see no compelling reason to use Firefox, though I heartily use its kissing cousin, Camino.

In the software requirements field there’s a problem called transference — transferring your understanding and world view onto that of the users. When you are dealing with understanding the requirements of a user, need to be very careful not to make assumptions about them. The easiest and most common assumption is that the user is in some ways similar to you or to other people you know. That’s because it’s a lot easier to identify with people with whom you have something in common. That transference of knowledge is what many of the commenters below are doing. Because of their advanced level of knowledge and the level of their friends and colleagues it is difficult for them understand and believe that there is such an enormous gap between them and the average user.

It’s not that these users are stupid. They just don’t realize that they have an alternative to Internet Explorer. Many don’t know that they have an alternative when it comes to connecting to the Internet. That blue E is the thing that they’ve always used. In order to switch they’re going to need to have a compelling reason. They’re going to need to be told not that they need a new browser or they should stop using IE, but that the way they currently use the internet is unsafe and that Firefox will solve that for them.

But before that happens, Firefox needs to be bulletproof enough that my 64 year old father in law can install it and manage it himself. He managed to install Weatherbug, Hotshots, Hotbar, and a host of other adware, so understanding how to install software isn’t the problem. The problem is that Firefox as it currently exists and is marketed isn’t as compelling as those applications. Each of the aforementioned tools provides some very real perceived benefit to the average consumer.

I convinced my wife to try Firefox after hearing her complain for the umpteetnth time about pop-up ads in IE. So I took care of the download, installation, importation of her IE favorites, and put a Firefox shortcut on her XP desktop.

The first mistake I made was not taking the IE shortcut off the desktop. She continues to use IE nearly as often as Firefox. My second “mistake” was installing Service Pack 2 for XP. Actually, that wasn’t the second mistake; the second mistake was telling my wife that SP2 enabled pop-up blocking in IE. In its current form, I’m not holding out much hope for Firefox’s continued use on our Windows box, because the biggest perceived value of Firefox to my spouse has been overcome by Microsoft.

Adware and spyware continues to be a concern, but we have tools installed to kill those. The problem I’m having with convincing my wife to continue to use Firefox is that it helps to prevent their installation in the first place. I need to begin by taking that IE icon off the desktop.

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Thursday, 28 October 2004

Turning Two

The previous entry marked number 800 for this now two-year-old blog. Despite it being noted on my calendar, I completely missed the two-year anniversary of on the tenth of this month. So, two milestones this month, and here’s to many more to come.

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Thursday, 21 October 2004

Desktops by co2metal

I discovered these desktops by co2metal, aka Andy, while cruising through ResExcellence last week. Now, I’m not nearly in to the whole GUI customization thing as I used to be. I don’t really bother with custom icons any more, and more often than not, you’ll find my desktop pictures to be photos from our vacations or of our little one.

Yet I’m drawn to Andy’s abstract and fractal creations. I’m thinking of making a custom Mac OS X screen saver with selections from his gallery. I hope Andy doesn’t mind!

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Our Mr. Gales in print

Hearty congratulations go out to Friend of the Phisch™ Jon Gales, who is featured in the November issue of Business 2.0! (The issue in question is for November 2004, just getting to subscribers, and hitting news stands soon.)

My favorite n3rdling is all grown up. Kudos to Jon for putting his nose to the grindstone, making his mark on the ‘Net, and living his dream job!

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Wednesday, 06 October 2004

Categories no more

So after deliberating over whether or not to eliminate categories—and thank you so much for all those comments with feedback—I have decided to can the categories on this and all of my blogs. (Seriously, I do thank those few who did weigh in on the issue, either through comments, e-mail, or instant message.)

I feel Raena summed it up best in an IM: “Seeing as how you have the uber blog empire, I wonder whether it’s worth using categories either. If you were using one blog for all that stuff, then yeah.”

After replying that she flattered me—while I’m running five separate public blogs, I in no way feel I have a “blog empire” a la my favorite n3rdling—Raena then stated the obvious, which I suppose I hadn’t really considered: “Seriously, though. You have separate blogs for separate interests, so I don’t see that categories are as much of a concern.”

She’s right. Initially, everything was posted under Retrophisch, and categories were a necessity. No longer, however. With the different blogs for different interests, categories within each blog seemed nitpickish and maybe even a wee bit obsessive-complusive. Yeah, I think we can do away with anything obsessive-compulsive…

While I will no longer be posting within categories, the old category pages are still there, if you know how to find them, or you previously linked to or bookmarked them.

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Friday, 01 October 2004

Fun with statistics 2

In the first 17 hours of October 2004, these are the Top 10 Search Phrases for

  1. earthquakes in france
  2. definition of a liberal
  3. mac archives
  4. www daddy yakee com
  5. dilbert clone knickknack
  6. zero intelligence
  7. osan beanie babies store korea
  8. citizen persona amex card
  9. lrs2 blaser
  10. directv jobs charlotte

I was a bit thrown with the “osan beanie babies store korea” phrase, until I dropped it in to Google to see that I was the fourth link returned. Yeah, I blogged about a beanie baby, okay?

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Tuesday, 21 September 2004

To categorize or not to categorize?

That is the question.

I have wondered, of late, if I should continue to bother. If I shouldn’t just stop categorizing, and kill all current categories. As a blogger, some times it is downright annoying trying to categorize a post. If a category doesn’t yet exist, you have to create one. If you create one, then you may go months without a post assigned to that category again.

I have found, as a blog reader, that I really don’t pay attention to categories on others’ sites. If I discover a new blog, and want to read more than just the post that brought me there, I usually go in reverse chronological order, rather than sorting through categories.

I know some of my fellow bloggers out there utilize categories, and some do not. I’m looking for both bloggers and blog readers to weigh in on this issue. Leave your thoughts, pro or con (or both), in the comments.

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Monday, 13 September 2004’s radio nonsense

Have you head the radio ad from with the two guys, “We lost the client because we didn’t have a web site”? What utter tripe. Apparently, doesn’t have a clue how an actual sales meeting would work.

If I am a sales person, already in a client’s office, meeting face to face, half the battle is already won. I am the face of my company, especially if the company is my own. I have full knowledge and pricing of my company’s products, and can show examples to the client in question. Presumably, on my business card will be an e-mail address of some kind, so the client can get in touch with me in some manner other than by phone. If said client—who has met me, seen my examples, been given a catalog, brochure, or other marketing materials, as well as my prices—then decides to not buy my products or services simply because I do not have a web site, then said client is insane.

If by not having a web site means one would not have an e-mail address, then should note that in their commercial. The whole thing is nonsense, and really annoys me each time I have to hear it. And for crying out loud, don’t pay twenty bucks when you can go to GoDaddy and register a domain name for nine dollars.

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Friday, 03 September 2004

Fun with statistics

Top 10 search phrases for for the first three days of September:

  1. powerbook skin
  2. definition of a liberal
  3. sweet
  4. conservative democrats
  5. disassemble ipod
  6. blaser r93 lrs2
  7. barney cam
  8. lsu tiger stadium
  9. apple powerbook g4 12
  10. powerbook benchmarks
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Friday, 27 August 2004

Browse happy

The Web Standards Project has started a new campaign, called Browse Happy, as an attempt to get people to switch from the unsafe, non-pop-up ad blocking, inherently security unconscious, Internet Explorer.

I recently installed Firefox on to my wife’s PC, and showed her how it blocks the pop-up ads that annoy her with IE usage. It was a snap to install, and it brought over all of her bookmarks, preferences, etc. from IE. Not to mention that Safari, Camino, Firefox, and Mozilla all tend to be more standards-supporting than IE. Do yourself a favor and find an alternate browser. Do web developers everywhere a favor and find an alternate browser, so we don’t have to keep coding for more than one type. (I’m looking at you, Internet Explorer.)

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Monday, 12 July 2004

100 Million Songs

Apple’s iTunes Music Store has broken the 100 million-song barrier.

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Wednesday, 07 July 2004

Blogger schwag

I’m still shaking my head over this one. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with Texas blogger schwag. (No, it won’t be me.)

(With a nod to David)

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Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Yes, comments

Comments are back, so Chris P., you can now comment on my GarageBand-created track.

The solution? Turns out I had a blank line in my Movable Type banned IP list for This was blocking all IPs from posting. Deleted the blank, rebuilt the site just for good measure, and happy comment spamming days are here again.

Thanks to the many posters in the Movable Type Support Forums for commenting on their own comment problems. One of those forum members pointed me to the solution.

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No comments?

For some reason, no one is able to post comments at the moment. Not even myself. “You do not have permission…”

It is under investigation.

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Friday, 16 April 2004

On wish lists and recommendations

Why is it that’s recommendation system isn’t smart enough to figure out that it doesn’t need to recommend something to me that’s already in my wish list?

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Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Gmail privacy concerns

Declan McCullagh discusses his reservations about Google’s in-private-beta Gmail system. His privacy concerns are well-founded, but I’m sure a lot of people are willing to give up a bit of privacy for something that would have as much perceived value as a free gig of e-mail space.

Should Gmail open to the public as is, I can still see myself signing up for it, though my usage of it would be limited to a certain scope. In other words, I would be my own privacy protection, and that may be the best users can hope for.

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Thursday, 08 April 2004

Buttoned up

So looking at Lee’s setup had me thinking that my blog could use a little more color, so I jumped on the button bandwagon. You can see my own button-mania in the link section to the left.

Huge kudos and thanks to my favorite code babe, Raena, for the buttons for my own web sites, as well as the buttons for Michael’s SpamSieve, ATPM, John Gruber’s Markdown, and Darwin. Feel free to steal and use on your own sites.

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Saturday, 13 March 2004

Just say no to Internet taxes

No taxes on Internet access (in the U.S.) is something I believe even the left-minded of my geek brethren would agree is a good thing. From the 04-10 Digest of The Federalist: bq. In the Senate, current legislation intended to extend the moratorium on Internet-access taxes remains stalled in the Senate. Apparently deciding that the free exchange of goods and services on the Internet has been doing a bit too well on its own, some in the government feel that nagging urge to tax. We would again remind our representatives in Washington of the effects of new taxes: lower GDP, higher unemployment, and lower disposable income. It seems to be lost on some Swampsters that money doesn’t fall off trees. Wealth must be created. Increasing the cost of Internet access and thereby stifling a large sector of the economy is not the way to increase revenues. In many ways, the Internet is a symbol of the success of a free-market economy; its freedom ought to be jealously guarded. I encourage you to seek out your Senators and voice your opinion. (Which hopefully is one of no Internet taxation!)
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Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Marginalizing IE

The Mac Marginalization report at MacInTouch has seen a spurt of activity in recent days, notably about certain web sites not working with Safari or other non-IE browsers. In today’s postings, MacInTouch reader “Steve” suggests:

Safari users often are subjected to annoying web page redirection to inform them that their browser is not supported. Microsoft’s subversion of web standards deserves a similar tactic: “Your browser does not adhere to international web standards. Please contact Microsoft support to request standards compliance so that we can provide a better web experience for everyone. You will be redirected to our non-standard pages momentarily…”

If every web page handled MSIE this way, the stream of customer support inquiries might eventually annoy Microsoft enough that they would clean up their act.

While I highly doubt the latter would ever happen, it is amusing to consider the former nonetheless. Windoze users reading this, and other web standards-composing web sites, would do well to look to Firefox/Mozilla.

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Sunday, 07 March 2004

On browser window size

I wholeheartedly agree with Lee. And the n3rdling tells us in the comments that Firefox has a pref to prevent this occurrence from happening. I hope this is something Dave & Co. can cook in to a future rev of Safari.
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Clean RSS 2.0 from MT

I don’t think anyone’s not going to cop to the fact that as great as Movable Type is, its RSS 2.0 templates fairly suck. I took up Steven Frank’s challenge to improve my RSS feeds, and used a template provided by Horst Prillinger. I’m now using the RSS 2.0 feeds for all of my sites in my preferred RSS aggregator, and would appreciate feedback from any non-NetNewsWire-using readers out there.
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Friday, 05 March 2004

2004 March of Dimes WalkAmerica

Next month, my wife will be leading her firm at the annual March of Dimes WalkAmerica in Dallas. She has registered to raise money for the event, and we’re asking for donations, which you can contribute by going to the web site set up just for her:

Our son, now a healthy 7-month old, was born 9 weeks premature and spent 6 weeks in the Neonatal ICU. During that time, we witnessed the good things done by the March of Dimes first hand. We’d appreciate any support you can give to this great event. Thanks!

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Wednesday, 03 March 2004

Second Initial

Lee has suspended blogging at, and has opened Second Initial. He has a kick-butt layout thanks to our favorite code babe, Raena, and guessing is now open on the significance of the domain name.

Congrats, my friend!

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Monday, 01 March 2004

Archives updated

So in the course of waiting on a myriad of things to happen at work today, I decided to get off my duff and fix up the main archives page the way I had been wanting to. Mucho gracias to my amigos, Michael, Raena, and Michael, for the coding assistance.
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Monday, 16 February 2004

Google your flight info

Last month, Aaron Swartz noted some new features of Google, a few I was not aware of. Is it any wonder that Apple has a Google search field built right in to Safari?
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Saturday, 03 January 2004

Overhauling the overhaul

In an endeavor to fully separate the personal from the tech talk, per the rejection of my Google AdSense application, consider this the formal announcement of the re-opening of my original weblog, digitalpembroke. The process for moving over all photo albums, reading lists, etc. is in progress.

Yes, Michael, I am quite insane.

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Tuesday, 09 December 2003


If you’ve actually been hitting the site over the past couple of days rather than reading posts via RSS feeds, you will have noticed the new look. To go along with the new look is something of a new mandate I gave myself.

Retrophisch refocuses its coverage on the Mac world and technology in general, with a few bits of personal fun, like my observations on college football (Geaux Tigers!) and hockey, thrown in. From this point forward, I’m shifting the following topics to respective blogs:

All sites carry a common layout that identifies them as the Retrophisch Family of Blogs™, and all of the above sites link to the others. There may be some crossover posting, going on, as religious liberties might well be discussed on both Godblog and Ludichris, just as firearms freedoms could be discussed on both Ludichris and Forty Caliber. But for the most part, each will remain distinct from the others.

I wanted to do this both for myself and those of you kind enough to frequent my site. I have felt that perhaps I was trying to cover too much in one site, and, heck, I’ve had the domains just sitting around waiting to be used.

I must send out major thanks to Raena for her invaluable assistance in getting the backend code tweaked and the CSS working right. Thanks also to Jon, Lee, Michael, and anyone else I may have bugged over the past few months about taking a look and helping me with items that were wrong. Errors in the content are purely my own.

I’m still working on code for some of the auxiliary pages, so, yes, I know the Photos and Read pages don’t share the same layout. I likely won’t touch the Photo albums until the Trotts & Co. release Movable Type Pro, which will feature photo album creation. (Yes, I know about Gallery and myriad other such products, but I’ve issues with trying to get them to work, and I can only guess how well the whole album thing will work in MT Pro, so I’m content to wait.)

Comments on the new look are welcome and appreciated, as are any bug reports readers may feel necessary.

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Saturday, 25 October 2003

Jim and Lissa

My friends Jim and Lissa have gone live with their new site, appropriately titled, Jim and Lissa. I’m going to miss seeing Jim at work each day, but at least there’s AIM.

Congrats, you two. You are welcome to pool, and the pool, any time.

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Monday, 06 October 2003

Nice article. Cool. Interesting

So some yahoo is now comment spamming in random posts about discount life insurance. Congratulations, ingrate. Get a new IP, because you’ve been banned.

Granted, I’m flattered that you think my blog is so popular to be spam-worthy for you to waste time on. Moron.

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Friday, 26 September 2003

Comments spam

I check my email this morning, and what do I find but some idiot has uploaded penis enlargement spam into the comments section of one of my posts (from October 2002, no less).

Comment deleted, IP banned. Don’t you morons have anything better to do?

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Friday, 19 September 2003

The Opinionated Amphibian Diatribes

SuperToad has redesigned the Pond, giving up his home-baked PHP model for a site generated by PostNuke. At least this way, his PHP knowledge doesn’t go to waste.

Now if I could just talk him in to another font for his logo… ;-)

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Friday, 29 August 2003

iStockphoto praise

iStockphoto saves the day for Eric. Though I haven’t had much use for it lately, I have been a registered member since late last year and think it’s a wonderful service. I have even thought about contributing photos myself, though I don’t believe a majority of mine are at a high enough resolution to warrant inclusion. (via Michael)
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weblog, not web log

Kottke has the 411 and an open letter to certain news entities.
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Monday, 04 August 2003

TypePad going live

Ben and Mena’s latest venture is in the growing pain of going live, with a “Preview Release Launch” later tonight. Jon’s been a beta tester, as has Raena. The features are impressive, and the pricing is really, really good. It’s going to kick LiveJournal’s butt, and, unfortunately, may steal business from friends. I have to agree with Raena in that I won’t be moving my blog over to the service, comfortable in rolling my own, and looking forward to MovableType Pro. I have a sysadmin at my beck and call (pretty much) who owns and runs the server my site is hosted on. If I get in to any kind of Unix-ey or web server-related trouble, Jim’s the man on getting it all fixed. Not to mention that we now have a nightly backup system in place, and Jim’s ‘net connection is a heckuva lot more stable, not to mention faster on the upload, than mine. Our “new” server went online over the weekend, and all of us type-A control freaks are happy with having the nuts and bolts so close. So lots of luck to the Trotts & Co., and all you TypePadders present and future!
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Friday, 01 August 2003

Raena rocks!

One of the great things about working on a publication like ATPM is that the diverse staff we have. Raena and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but we’re friends because of our common interests in things Mac, blogging, and the Internet and technology in general. Some time ago I was lamenting how IE6/Win wasn’t rendering the site properly when compared to browsers on the Mac. Raena speculated that the issues lay in my CSS, and offered to help. Earlier today, I took her up on her offer. I’m pleased to report that the font and sidescroll issues have been fixed, and the site now looks the same (albeit without the pleasing antialiasing one gets from OS X) on IE6/Win as it does on Safari or Camino on the Mac. For those keeping score, it appears there are no more font issues with Firebird, either. I haven’t tried OmniWeb, Opera, or iCab yet. Best of all, the CSS validates. So mucho gracias, Raena-Raena-bo-baena. If you make it to the States, and Dallas, I owe you a brew.
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Monday, 28 July 2003

Stats, stats, stats!

Jim has upgraded our server stat software to AWStats, and I am mightily impressed. I determined long ago that I would not become obsessed with traffic, and by and large, I haven’t. Mainly, this has been because I have avoided looking at any statistics any server analysis software installed might provide. Once I get over how wicked cool AWStats is, I’ll likely revert to this habit. It _is_ interesting to note that in 28 days of July, my site has moved 400 MB of bandwidth, twice as many people view the site on a Windows box than a Mac (surprising, considering the pro-Mac tone of my computing posts), and while, of course, IE is the browser used by most, Safari comes in second, and is used three times more than #3, Mozilla. Most people get to the site because they’ve bookmarked it, and for that, you have my thanks. The second way people get to the site….anyone? Anyone? Anyone? The answer we’re looking for is Google. Google. Two things AWStats shows (and according to Jim, our old stat software did the same; like I said, I rarely looked at it) that fascinate me: the most common search keywords and keyphrases used to hit the site; and what IP domains pages are being served to. I can honestly boast of having a worldwide readership, though by a tremendous margin, most of the traffic is, not surprisingly, from the U.S. Australia is high on the list (thanks, Raena!), but I have served at least one page to the following: Slovenia, Malta, Argentina, Israel, Malaysia, Guatemala, Iceland, Slovak Republic, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Greece, Poland, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, Croatia, and the list goes on. I know, there just may be some simple router-hopping going on that returns those values, but it’s still fun to think about.
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Monday, 14 July 2003

Ongoing site maintenance:

  • Killed the “Retrolook” tab in the tab navigation bar
  • Subsequently, killed the old style sheet and index2.html file; so now the look you see (if you’re not just reading with NNW) is the only look available. Until I decide to start skinning the site…
  • Have begun conversion from .html files to .php. This will help streamline the amount of work I have to do, along with continued use of CSS, for the look and feel of the site. So if your bookmark for the main page is _, rather than just _http://www.retrophisch.com_, you’ll need to update with the latter.
  • As part of this conversion, the Retrophisch Read(tm) page is now rendered via PHP as well and has the new site look. Other pages to follow.
  • So far, it appears that the old archives have remained intact as .html files, as well as having .php peers. So everyone who has permalinked to me (Lee, Michael, Eric) shouldn’t have to re-link.
If you have linked to me, and you find the permalinks breaking, the quick and dirty fix is to replace “.html” in the link with “.php”. And my apologies if you have to do so; such is the price of progress.
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Wednesday, 02 July 2003

Libel protection for bloggers

The 9th Circuit actually gets it right this time, with an extension of libel protection to online self-publishers, like _moi_, and those who participate in online discussion lists.
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Wednesday, 25 June 2003

Server moving

The site will be going down for a bit this evening as we move the server. Should be back up some time after dinner time, CST. *UPDATE*, 7:30 PM CST: And we’re back… Thanks for the quick move, Jim. This was just a physical move for the current server, as prep for our move to a new box in the near future.
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Thursday, 19 June 2003

Microsoft comes full circle with IE

Marc Marshall brings up the excellent point that Microsoft has come full circle with regard to Internet Explorer. His is the last post in Macintouch’s Browser Future report for today:

The bottom line in this situation is this: For the past several years, Microsoft gave away a free browser to kill the competition, and succeeded. Now, they have stopped development of their standalone product, and are giving people exactly three choices to get their “standard” product: 1) Buy Windows. 2) Use MSN for Internet access. 3) Pay them $10/month or $80 per year. No free options, no free upgrades.

The price is higher than Opera or Omni’s paid competition, and you don’t have a free option, and you have an ongoing fee. In fact, if MS starts charging annual licensing for Windows, there will be no lifetime-licence-purchasable version of IE. This sounds like exactly the sort of consumer hostile situation that monopolies create, and governments are supposed to protect us from.

Now that they’ve pretty much saturated the market, Microsoft has been scrambling on how to consistently generate revenue. They have long discussed subscription software licensing, and this situation with IE appears to be the first shot across the bow. Unfortunately, I do not forsee the mass sheep of Windows and IE/Mac users torpedoing the Microsoft Bismarck any time soon.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2003

IE6 gives me hives

Ok, not really, but it’s really ticking me off. Why is it that my site validates as XHTML 1.0 Trans, validates as CSS2, looks perfectly fine in Safari, Camino, even IE5/Mac, yet looks like complete dung in IE6? I know, I know, IE6 doesn’t fully support the CSS2 spec, yet, so I’m sure that’s playing a huge role. I suppose I could drop it to CSS1, but I’d rather be posting than fiddling with making the site look exactly the same in Microsloth’s stupid Windows browser. In Microsucks’ defense, there are some font issues with the site in Firebird, but at least pages scroll properly in that browser. I haven’t tried Opera for Windows yet.
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Tuesday, 17 June 2003

Good riddance, IE, part III

Speaking of the dress-code-aware genius that is Dan Benjamin (is that enough, Dan?), he offers up some delectable food for thought on the discontinuation of standalone IE development for the Mac. I say standalone, because it seems that IE will continue on in MSN for Mac OS X.

Zeldman sums it all up rather well.

From here, as it has for several weeks now, it looks like a period of technological stasis and dormancy yawns ahead. Undoubtedly the less popular browsers will continue to improve. They may even gain in market share. But few of us will be able to take advantage of their sophisticated standards support if most of the market continues to use an unchanged year 2000 browser.

But enough, and enough, and enough. We are glad of the latest versions of Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari, and Omniweb. But on this grey and rainy day, this news of a kind of death brings no warmth. To Tantek and Jimmy and their colleagues on the IE/Mac team: for what you achieved on behalf of web standards and usability, much respect.

When it arrived, IE5/Mac was the standard for web browsers. It shamed Netscape. Complacency and stagnant development, however, have left it behind technologically. Zeldman mentions reasons people switched from IE to Camino or Safari; I switched for all the reasons he discusses, including that it’s one less Microsoft application on my system. There are choices people, and they’re better than the “standard.”

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DNS Primer

If you’ve ever been interested in how your email gets from your computer to someone else’s, or how your browser knows how to load up a web site, you need to read Dan Benjamin’s excellent DNS primer at MacDevCenter. It’s geared toward Mac OS X users, but anyone can learn the basics of DNS, IP addresses, routing, and all that other techie stuff that makes the Internet work, boiled down in to simply terms by Mr. Benjamin (of Hivelogic/Hiveware fame). Oh, and hire this dress-code-aware guy, if you have the need. Too much talent to not be getting paid well by someone, somewhere.
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Monday, 16 June 2003

Latest look for

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a site redesign. I decided today to take it live. (You can ignore the links in the archived post; they’re flip-flopped now.) The entire site does not, at this time, reflect what you see here on the main page. I had planned to wait until it did to switch over, but at this rate, if I continued to wait, it would be a long one. So here it is, hope you like. If you hate it and just have to see the site the way it was (and updated just like the main page), click on the Retrolook tab above and enjoy. Not that those of you who stop by regularly really care; I know you’re reading with NetNewsWire anyway. :)
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More blogging coverage

Business Week Online has a good article on the growing pervasiveness of weblogs, and what they mean to mass media and consumers. I like Nick Denton’s term of “open-source media.”
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Friday, 13 June 2003

Death of PNG?

Ric notes a story about the impending expiration of the patent that controls the GIF file format, and what that may mean for the PNG graphics format. See, LZW compression forms the basis for the GIF format, and Unisys owns the LZW patent. A few years ago, Unisys began to flex its muscles in enforcing the LZW patent, and this basically meant the death of free and cheap shareware GIF creation/manipulation software. To compensate, the PNG graphic format was created, and a movement to rid sites of all GIFs was born. Well, Unisys’s patent expires in the U.S. later this month; in the rest of the world, next year. The PNG format, despite many advances over GIF, has not caught on heavily outside the geek community. And it doesn’t do animation, which GIF does. Personally, I like the PNG format, and use it when possible over GIF. (Unless I’m using someone else’s graphic, though I have converted them in the past.) Most modern browsers support it, though perhaps not fully (viz: IE). So after the patents expire, are we going to see an explosion of activity in the GIF creation/manipulation software market? If so, you may see the PNG format remain a second-class graphic file citizen, or worse.
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Change of address

DNS address, that is. In preparation for the move to our “new” server, we’re changing out our DNS name servers some time late this afternoon/evening/weekend. So if you can’t get to the site later tonight or over the weekend, it’s just because the DNS is repopulating, and that kind of takes a while.
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Tuesday, 03 June 2003

Microsoft targets Google

Is there anyone that Microsoft doesn’t see as a competitor? bq. “We do view Google more and more as a competitor. We believe that we can provide consumers with a better product and a better user experience. That’s something that we’re actively looking at doing,” said Bob Visse, director of marketing for Microsoft’s MSN Internet services division. What’s wrong with the Google user experience? I think it’s great. I love the simple, minimalist interface on the main page. If you need more advanced features, they’re a click away. If I want a bloated, crufty, way-too-much-happening-at-once search engine, I know where to go already, thank you very much. But I’m sure Microsoft is doing some sort of “innovating” in the search engine sector.
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Thursday, 29 May 2003

Redesign underway

I am working on a redesign of the site’s layout and navigation, a preview of which can be found here. That page also automatically updates, just as the main page does, so if you already prefer the new look, you can temporarily bookmark the new-look page. Comments and criticisms are welcome, especially from those of you whom I did not previously email on the subject.
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Friday, 23 May 2003

TypePad screenshots

There are now some screenshots of the TypePad interface up at the main site, including the photo albums feature. Having just recently moved over some of my own photos, this is interesting. I may hold off on any more conversion/moving until after TypePad pricing is announced and/or it goes live.

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Thursday, 22 May 2003

PNG petition

IE/Win doesn’t fully support the PNG graphics format, and Zeldman points to an online petition that is now just shy of 7,000 signatures. (Yours truly is #6977.) Every modern web browser with the exception of IE/Win has full PNG support built in, including beta browsers Safari and Camino. Please sign the petition and let’s hope Microsoft will listen; they’ve only been promising this since IE 4.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2003

Photos, Colophon

So I had put off two minor projects for the site for a while: a colophon, and moving all my photos from my .Mac account over to this domain. As of now, those two projects have been finished. More photos will be forthcoming, as I will likely move the photo albums from my old domain over to this one, so that everything is in one place. Permanent links to both are in the new Navigate tabbed menu at the top sub-menu to the right. Enjoy!

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Sunday, 18 May 2003

Displaying Apache logs in NNW

Brent links to a novel proof-of-concept usage of his flagship application, showing how versatile NetNewsWire can be.
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Friday, 16 May 2003

MT 2.63 and recent-update keys

At the same time I decided to upgrade my MovableType engine to 2.63, I donated some funds to Ben and Mena. By doing so, I received a couple of keys to plug in, so when I post something new, the site would show up in the MovableType site’s “Recently Updated” section. I began receiving an odd error message when saving posts, after I had done all of this. I reinstalled the upgrade package. Then I removed the recent-update key; problem solved. I tried the 2d recent-update key; problem returns. I take out the 2d key; problem solved. So now I know, and I’ve let the Trotts know, so we’ll see what happens. *UPDATE, 5/19:* Turns our your doofus host doesn’t have a certain Perl module installed. Obviously, I thought some time back, why would I ever use _that_? Thanks, Ben!
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Thursday, 15 May 2003


Ben and Mena’s latest venture sounds intriguing, especially if the basic service is something that runs only $7 a month. I’d be interested in something more advanced, as I like putting up photo albums, which is an advanced feature/option. No firm pricing information just yet, and no other details, like how much space you get, how many email addys, etc. Ben Hammersly got a sneak peek: bq. The features are remarkable: there is a very powerful, but extremely simple, template builder. Users can redesign their weblogs and create fully compliant XHTML pages, with out knowing what that last phrase means. There is a built-in photo album, built-in server stats, so you can see who is coming to visit you and from where, built-in blogrolling (listing the sites you like to read), and built-in listing for your music, books and friends, producing a complete friend-of-a-friend file for every user. Final judgment pending until full details are disclosed, but it sounds promising.
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Tuesday, 08 April 2003

More minor site work

I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I get this minimalist bug. So yesterday I decided to kill the parchment background (thanks again, Lee!) and just go with white. Helps save on the bandwidth for dial-up users as well.

Also, I added in a dotted separation line for the banner title and description at the top. I really like the way the site looks in IE 5/Mac. I just wish it looked as good in Camino and Safari. I’m soliciting feedback on this new addition, so leave a comment!

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Thursday, 03 April 2003


If I wasn’t so happy with Movable Type, I would definitely be looking at Hiveware’s Soapbox. You can learn more here.

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Wednesday, 02 April 2003


Zeldman calls it. Disney is not your friend.

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Very minor site work

So this morning I took care of two minor items I’d been meaning to get to. First, I used Hiveware’s awesome Enkoder to encode my email address (bottom of right left-hand column on main page). Last month, I began receiving my first spam to this address, after having this site on line since October. While I will remain on some spam lists for the forseeable future, let’s see the gutless scum try and spider me now! (Enkoder is also available as a standalone OS X application.) Second, I removed the Lucida Grande font from the stylesheet. Yes, it was a nod to OS X users, but Verdana is much more readable, and thus remains the primary font called.
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Monday, 31 March 2003

SmartyPants 1.2.2

I know I’m half a month late in noting this, but Gruber confesses to why such a quick update to the 1.2.1 release of SmartyPants was necessary:
See, back in 1998 I became the owner of a South American woolly monkey, whom I named Paco, with the intention of training him to assist in my freelance graphic design work. Everyone told me this was a terrible idea, that it would not work, that at the very least I would need a chimpanzee or orangutan, that a mere monkey would never be able to do graphic design. I was unswayed. Do you know how much food chimpanzees and orangutans eat? And for chrissakes, an orangutan can beat you up—I’ve seen those Clint Eastwood movies, those [BLEEP]ers can pack a punch. I do not need to be coldcocked by my lower-primate assistant. What I wanted was a monkey, a loyal friend who, when otherwise unoccupied, could sit on my shoulder and pick crumbs out of my hair.
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Thursday, 13 March 2003

Mediated persona

Gibson ruminates on how everyone now can have their own mediated persona, thanks to the meme of the weblog.

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Font fix

Thanks to Mark Newhouse’s article on Unix fonts, I was inspired to revisit the fonts called for in the site’s CSS style sheet. Now, OS X users should be greeted by Lucida Grande at 11 px for for the main text font. All others will see Verdana, Geneva, Lucida, Helvetica, or Arial, in that order. Lucida is really there for any Unix readers that may happen by (say hello in the comments!). If you’re a Windoze user, and all you’re getting is Arial, then reinstall IE to see about getting Verdana loaded; it’s a much, much, much better screen font than Arial, and I’m not just saying that because my site looks better in it. Others will as well.

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Monday, 03 March 2003


Fellow ATPM staffer Eric Blair is blogging at The jury is still out on what “raoli” means. :)

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Friday, 21 February 2003


Froogle, currently in beta, is a Google project for product price comparison.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2003

RSS feed

Thanks to the nagging hints of some people, I have modified the RSS doc to show the full text of each post, rather than just a line or two. Props to Lee for the quick and easy tag fix.

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Friday, 14 February 2003

Raena’s blog

Raena and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of stuff, but she’s a fellow Mac-head and ATPM staffer, so she can’t be all bad, can she? ;)

Anyway, she’s been blogging a while…

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Thursday, 13 February 2003 v2.0

So I think enough changes have been made to the site within the past few weeks to warrant a full version upgrade. :)

Inspired by re-reading Robin Williams’ The Mac Is Not A Typewriter, I chose a monospaced typewriter font and created a new banner logo, as well as a new tagline graphic. Thanks to Michael for assistance in finding the font. The new retrophisch logo next to the name banner has been ready for a while, and my heartfelt thanks to my friend Francisco for producing what I could only envision in bad sketches. The aforementioned Macintosh book classic also inspired me to move to smart punctuation, and was reinforced by Lee’s doing so on his own site. As previously mentioned, John Gruber’s SmartyPants provides this.

Lee created the parchment-ish background picture for me, and I am grateful. Michael and Lee both provided assistance with behind-the-scenes MT, HTML, RSS, and CSS stuff, and they have my thanks. Brian has inspired me to add a bulletin board to the site; I envision having respective private boards for my family and my fellow ATPM staffers. I hope to have those up in the very near future.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2003

Smart punctuation lives

When you’re a type nerd like me (never would guess that from the monospaced logo for the site, would you?), things like smart punctuation matter. Things like having curly quotes, full em dashes instead of two short dashes, and nice ellipses. You know…ellipses. So thanks to John Gruber’s SmartyPants plugin for MovableType, you should now see pretty “quotes,” full—I said full—em dashes, and proper ellipses… Thanks to Lee for the setup assist.
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Monday, 10 February 2003


Well, Gruber has released SmartyPants 1.1, and Lee’s using it. I suppose I’ve been mulling over its use long enough. Buckle up, smart punctuation is coming to a near you.

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Online library

Anu of the A.W.A.D. list is now gleaning example text from books found at Questia, an online library. It is a subscription-based service, though you can search for free. It appears, from the comments, at least, to be a real boon to researchers of all levels.

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Thursday, 06 February 2003

Glad I don’t read Salon

Michael notes that Salon has adopted a new pay-or-click-through-multiple-ads model. Might be worth it for some, but I never thought Salon was worth much when it was free.

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Monday, 27 January 2003

Daily Tales and Punditry

Lee’s blogging! Welcome to the weird and wacky world of the blog, bro. :)

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Monday, 20 January 2003

Where’s Marv?

Ok, so now I’m worried.

A few weeks back, I noticed that Gunnery.Net had dropped off the ‘net. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, as I figured Marv might have been moving hosts, having domain issues, etc.

Last week I started digging around; I noticed all of Marv’s domains (at least the 4 others I knew about) were off-line as well. All email to any address I ever had for him come back as undeliverable.

Now I haven’t spoken to Marv over the phone since before I stopped helping edit Gunnery.Net, but I decided to give him a ring. Disconnected 866 number. Disconnected long-distance business number. Hmmmm. Ok, I can understand killing the 866 number, those things cost major dough. I can even understand killing the biz number if he wasn’t using it any more.

Then today, disconnected unlisted home number (what can I say, he trusted me). Like I said, now I’m worried. Marvin Stenhammar was in the U.S. Special Forces in the 1980s; he was forced to retire due to a severe injury and a degenerative bone disease. Lucky for Marv, he married a Norse goddess of a doctor, who looked after him when she wasn’t at the hospital. Did they move? Or something worse?

I can’t head over to the SIG-L email list and poke around; the email list about SIG firearms Marv and I met on no longer exists. Or if it does, it’s on a different email server that I have been unable to google. I’ve googled Marv’s name and domains and have come up with squat, at least as far anything recent is concerned.

If you know of whom I speak, and you have information, please drop me a line at: retrophisch at (sorry, anti-spam measure). I’d just like to know, you know?

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Thursday, 19 December 2002

Have you been Googled?

Michael links to this article on MSNBC about Google, its pervasive nature, popularity, and a little history. And since MSNBC’s articles tend to disappear after a while, here’s an alternative link.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2002

Categories live!

Thanks to code deciphering from Michael, you can now see the categories I use for my posts at the bottom of each post. If you click on the category link, you’ll get a page that displays all previous posts in that category. MT rules.

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Wednesday, 04 December 2002

Michael’s blog

Speaking of ATPM publisher, and pal, Michael Tsai, Michael started his own weblog back in September and failed to mention this to anyone on the ATPM staff. :)

Like myself, Michael (never Mike, always Michael) is using Movable Type to drive his blog, though he’s doing a much better job in getting the HTML that MT produces to validate. Now if I could just fix my MT templates to look as good in Chimera Camino/Mozilla as they do in IE.

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Sunday, 03 November 2002

Blog spam

For crying out loud, now I have to worry about spam links showing up in my blog. Spammers are now stuffing blogs’ referral logs—a list that automatically updates links to sites that have linked to them—with links to sales pitches and porn sites. Yet more proof why spammers and the marketing companies that support them are the scum of the ‘net. (Thanks, Lee!)

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Tuesday, 22 October 2002

What’s a retrophisch?

I remarked to my buddy Brian that “retrophisch” sounded like something out of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, since it reminds me of “babelfish” from that series. Brian responded with a definition, based upon the one for the babelfish:

retrophisch: n. Living organism which is placed in the auditory canal of intelligent life forms. Used as a universal translator. Disadvantage: Translates to pure Anglo-Saxon English, hence the prefix “retro.”

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Saturday, 19 October 2002

No more AOL CDs campaign

Jim McKenna and John Lieberman have begun a campaign to send back 1 million CDs to snail mail spammer AOL. Just send Jim and John any AOL CDs you have received (yes, at your own expense), and when they collect 1 million of them, they plan to drive to AOL headquarters and dump the load at the front door.

AOL is not the only ISP that engages in this practice — AT&T and Earthlink are guilty, as well as others — but AOL is by far the worst abuser. Most people who receive the AOL CDs in the mail, or in a magazine, just toss them. The campaign is to simply ask AOL to stop sending out unsolicited CDs and contributing to more waste in landfills. Address info is at the aforementioned site.

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Thursday, 10 October 2002 v1.0

One door closes, another opens. Welcome to my weblog, or blog, retrophisch!

Further blogging at is now suspended. That site will be undergoing extensive redesign and reorganization, and will essentially be used for non-blogging purposes. So from now on, stop by for the blogging goodness you’ve come to know and love!

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