Books, books, books

Books I’m reading, books in my reading queue, and books I’ve read, the latter not necessarily in any particular order previous to 2008, all with links to their respective pages on Amazon. (Yes, I am unashamed in trying to make some money off your curiousity).

Beginning in May 2010, I decided to note the day I finished a particualr tome. This ending does not necessarily mean I took that much time in between books. I will go days at a time without cracking a book, and I've been known to have multiple books in my reading queue at any one time.

This means it may appear that I read two books in a single day or so, but in reality it simply means that however much time had gone on in my reading those books, I just happened to finish them both on the same day. Thoroughly confused? Good.



* Denotes book was read completely electronically, most likely on my iPhone.









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