December 09, 2003

Range is open

Welcome to my firearms blog, dedicated to firearms news I deem of interest, as well as items of Second Amendment import. There may be some crossover posting with my right-leaning political weblog when it comes to said Second Amendment issues. Further postings about firearms will be absent from my Mac and technology blog. As with my other weblogs, I welcome feedback, and look forward to civilized discussions in the comments. You have been warned: abusers will have their IPs banned with no hesitation. Enjoy! Posted by retrophisch at December 9, 2003 02:22 PM

Am a weakling. I carry a Glock 17 but I have three 17 round Glock mags with +2 Glock adaptors (2 of the 3 were made for the Glock 18 but they're the same as 17 so they work). I load Corbon 135 gr. HP +P and think I'll do OK. The .40 kicks a bit too much for me to enjoy plinking. Also, there's a dozen places on the net you can buy el cheapo 9mm ammo for lots of plinking and serious practice. You know how John Conyers, Rep. from Ohio (very liberal Democrat) has always been a big NRA supporter? Well one of my friends (female) is a big supporter of the governor of Vermont for president and she's so liberal the NRA rejected her membership app. ;) But she also has a Glock 17 + a Glock 19. Go figure. Telling the good guys (or in this case the good gals) apart becomes tricky. Cheers. Think I'll go see what's up at

Posted by: Jerry at December 9, 2003 06:52 PM
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