May 17, 2004

.45 ACP, GAP, SAP?

Joe at Real Guns has some insightful commentary on the recent Shooting Times comparison of the venerable .45 ACP and Glock’s new .45 GAP:

Within the “apple to apple” comparisons, Shooting Times compared what amounts to a reduced capacity .45 ACP cartridge, operating at .45 ACP +P pressures, to standard and lower pressure factory .45 ACP cartridges. The technical representation was more of the same, where a table compared the two cartridges through dissimilar ammunition types, ammo supplied by companies pushing the new cartridge. Even the test guns were assembled with shorter than typical .45 ACP length barrels, which would obviously favor a lesser capacity cartridge. The author indicated he was shocked that the GAP prevailed, besting the .45 ACP’s performance, something he didn’t believe was possible. Fortunately, engineers from the ammo suppliers ATK (Speer) and Winchester assured him it was so and, as the author put it, “These guys are smart…” Which, I can only assume means the rest of us are not.

From what I have read about the .45 GAP thus far leads me to believe that this cartridge is a solution looking for a problem. Unlike the .40 S&W and the .357 SIG, ammunition which fills needs of the law enforcement community primarily, and of the private citizenry secondarily, the .45 GAP is one manufacturer’s attempt to simply sell a new line of firearms.

Posted by retrophisch at May 17, 2004 09:35 PM

Whereas there is no real 'problem' that would make the GAP a 'solution', it is neither redundant nor is it an attempt to capitalize. I was surprised when Glock introduced this cartridge because I was sure it would cause them a massive financial loss. It is too much of a risk with too little of a reward for it to be a strictly commercial proposition. Glock released this cartridge because they were sure there would be a demand.
Hardcore .45ACPers (usually the WWII-Vietnam era shooters) refuse to realize that while guns are getting smaller and capacities getting larger, the .45ACP is losing ground as the 'ultimate' self defense caliber. Why carry a 7-shot full-size 1911 when you can carry a pocket size Glock 9mm/.40/.357sig with ten rounds?
Glock realizes this and has thus built the .45GAP in order to allow the use of a .45caliber bullet on a 9mm frame, allowing for a lighter, smaller gun with .45ACP performance

Posted by: James Reeves at September 5, 2004 11:08 AM
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