August 08, 2004

Anti-gunners still at it

Our Opinion, The Daily News, Jacksonville, NC:

The ban forbids the manufacture, importation and sale in the United States of several specific rifles and pistols based on cosmetic features and magazine capacity. Ban supporters claim these firearms are inherently more dangerous and unnecessary. “The fact of the matter is there is no legitimate use for these weapons,” said New York Sen. Charles Schumer, a longtime opponent of gun rights.

What Schumer and others like him either fail to realize or refuse to admit is that they are not the final arbiters of what are legitimate uses of firearms. Our guess is that they know it, but it doesn’t serve their interests to face the facts.

There is no legitimate use or need for the $80,000-plus limosuines I’m sure Mr. Schumer, Ms. Feinstein, and the other vehemently anti-Constitution leftists in our government ride around in. Why don’t we save the taxpayers money by doing away with a frivolous expenditure that is no where in the Constitution. Unlike the Second Amendment, Mr. Schumer, which says nothing about “hunting” or “legitimate uses” of firearms.

posted by retrophisch at 10:30 AM