September 18, 2004

The XCR™

Robinson Armament has announced the XCR modular weapon system:

The XCR™ is designed to be the finest assault rifle available anywhere.  The XCR™ is a multi-caliber, piston-driven, gas operated rifle with a proprietary bolt which provides unmatched reliability and durability.

Usually, weight is sacrificed for durability.  However, the XCR™ is both durable and light at just under 7.0 lbs. empty.

The rifle has 1913 spec. rails machined right into the upper receiver at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 O’clock positions.  These rails are machined parallel to the bore for easy mounting of sights, lights, grenade launchers, and other accessories.

The sights (optional) are in the right position for quick target acquisition and can folded against the receiver when not in use.

Furthermore, the XCR™ has ambidextrous controls which are very intuitive.  The magazine release, bolt hold open, and selector controls can be easily controlled by either hand.  The charging handle is on the left side of the rifle and contains a forward assist mechanism.

Caliber changes only require the replacement of the barrel, bolt, and magazine.  The change can be made in less than 5 minutes with little loss of zero.  Available in 5.56 NATO and 6.8 calibers in barrel lengths of 11.5”, 14.5”,  16.2, 18.5”, and 20”.  The rifle uses standard M16 magazines for .223 and 6.8 magazines for 6.8.

Of course the folding stock (locks in and out) and a flash hider are standard equipment.

The XCR™ is simply the finest assault rifle available today.  It is available in select-fire for military and law enforcement and in semi-auto only for civilian collectors.  To order yours, contact us immediately.

Yeah, I want one.

The 6.8mm version, with the 16-inch barrel. Of course, I’ll have to wait a year or more for manufacturing to get ramped up and the initial demand to dry up, so the prices, currently unannounced, will come down.

(Thanks, Rich!)

Posted by retrophisch at September 18, 2004 10:32 PM
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