December 11, 2004

Mothballed II

Ludichris turned one yesterday. So did this site. Today will mark what is likely the second-to-last entry in both web logs.

A man has to know his limitations, and I have reached mine. When I began this project of diversifying my interests in to separate blogs, one of my online friends, who shall remain nameless, commented that I was insane. He was right.

Being unemployed, and a stay-at-home dad two days during the work week, you would think that I would have plenty of time to stay on top of five different blogs. I thought so, too. It was then that I realized the depth of information that is out there related to each interest. Maybe I’m not as organized as I should be in my information collection. Maybe I’m not making the extensive use of technology I have at my disposal. Maybe I’m just tired of it all and I want to refocus myself, both internally and externally.

I have not devoted as much time to this area of personal interest as I would have liked. Perhaps it’s because long ago I settled upon the weapons which I hope I never have to use to defend myself and my loved ones. Perhaps it’s because other interests have been more important to me. For whatever reason, I feel it is best that I retire this blog.

If you’ve linked to any of my posts in the past, here is a heads-up that the links will be changing. I will be moving this blog over as a subfolder of Retrophisch in the near future. I will post another entry regarding this information, so you can update your links for posterity, which I would appreciate.

The domain name, as well as the backup domain of, is available for purchase. Don’t worry, I’m not interested in bilking anyone out of a wad of cash. I was personally shocked the domain was still available when I acquired it last year, thinking surely it would have been snatched up by the company which brought the cartridge to prominence these past two decades.

I will be refocusing on my first love, on what has become my cornerstone in the online world, and on the items of a personal nature that don’t fit in to the other two. I intend to explore digital photography more, and hopefully the fruits of that exploration will, in the future, find its way on line for others to enjoy.

This does not mean I am giving up being a gun enthusiast and owner. Far from it. It simply means I will no longer be blogging about firearms and our right to bear arms. Should something come to my attention that I feel I simply must post, I will. I am grateful to all of the Forty Caliber readers out there, and thank you for your patronage and time. See you around the web.

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