Transmit 2.0

I failed to mention yesterday that Panic Software released Transmit 2.0, their outstanding FTP client. Version 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up using the Cocoa APIs, and is Mac OS X-only.

I helped beta-test this release, and it’s been really solid for me. I like how it handles both regular FTP, and SFTP, which is how I connect to my own domains for file transfers. Give it a try, and support future development by registering the software.

2 thoughts on “Transmit 2.0

  1. Transmit has a nice user interface, but the new version doesn’t do anything for me. They took out Edit in BBEdit and the AppleScript interface is not that great. Lately, I’ve been using rsync over ssh for my Web work rather than FTP. Synchronizing small changes on a big site takes a few seconds rather than ten minutes.

  2. I was a little disappointed that Edit in BBEdit was taken out as well. I think that is a future feature they’re going to put back in, however. I seem to recall a mention of this in one of Cabel’s emails, but I can’t find it in the ones I kept.
    And yikes, I need to work on the stylesheet for the comments. Hideous!

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