Rangers make history

My good friend Francisco informed me this morning that our up-and-coming Texas Rangers have made baseball history. No MLB club has ever fielded a team in one season that had three players with 500 home runs, 400 home runs, and 300 home runs, respectively…until now.
Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Alex Rodriguez take those honors, respectively, and 2001 “Comeback Player of the Year” Ruben Sierra currently stands at 278 home runs in his career, so he’s knocking on the 300-club door as well.
If we could just get some consistency out of the pitching staff, like we did during the last 7-game winning streak (which included a sweep of the playoff-nemesis NY Yankees club), this team would be contending for a pennant. For now, we have to struggle to win two just to get back to .500.
UPDATE, 6/13: Well, this was short-lived. The Rangers traded Sierra last week to the Yankees.