Kerry mum on Cape wind farm

Presidential hopeful John Kerry is running around the country talking about renewable energy, like wind and solar power, proposing we get 20% of all our energy from renewable sources by 2020. He calls it “Twenty by ’20,” or something to that effect. Yeah, I suppose that’s something I could get behind. Having seen the big wind farm at South Point on the Big Island of Hawai’i (the southernmost tip of the United States, and quite a windy locale), I think that if there’s a suitable windy location, yeah, put up a wind farm. It won’t provide all of the energy a population might need, but it would certainly help.
But will the Senator bow to the liberal elite on the proposed Camp Wind windmill farm on Horseshoe Shoal, seven miles off Nantucket Island? Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard residents are complaining that the wind farm will ruin their respective views. Awwww, po’ wittle ewitists. They whine and complain about getting away from fossil fuel consumption, but when offered the chance to do so in their own backyard, they don’t want it because it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Seems someone wants to have it both ways.
Myron Ebell, of the free-market environmental think tank, Competitive Enterprise Institute:
bq. “People think if you live in the right area you don’t have to put up with anything. Well, where are they going to get their energy? From little squirrels in wheels?”
(Thanks, Rick)