Categories no more

So after deliberating over whether or not to eliminate categories–and thank you so much for all those comments with feedback–I have decided to can the categories on this and all of my blogs. (Seriously, I do thank those few who did weigh in on the issue, either through comments, e-mail, or instant message.)
I feel Raena summed it up best in an IM: “Seeing as how you have the uber blog empire, I wonder whether it’s worth using categories either. If you were using one blog for all that stuff, then yeah.”
After replying that she flattered me–while I’m running five separate public blogs, I in no way feel I have a “blog empire” a la my favorite n3rdling–Raena then stated the obvious, which I suppose I hadn’t really considered: “Seriously, though. You have separate blogs for separate interests, so I don’t see that categories are as much of a concern.”
She’s right. Initially, everything was posted under Retrophisch, and categories were a necessity. No longer, however. With the different blogs for different interests, categories within each blog seemed nitpickish and maybe even a wee bit obsessive-complusive. Yeah, I think we can do away with anything obsessive-compulsive…
While I will no longer be posting within categories, the old category pages are still there, if you know how to find them, or you previously linked to or bookmarked them.