I have joined the Flickr bandwagon. You can see my first set, from February of last year, “Winter Wonderland 2004“.
I am in the process of looking for a permanent residence on the web for my digital photos. I’m a little tired of the do-it-yourself routine I’ve been experimenting with, and I’m not looking forward to having to oversee yet another software backend, such as Gallery.
The photo set you can see at Flickr took me about five minutes to create. Granted, most of the hard work was already done in iPhoto (photo titles and captions). I used FlickrExport by Fraser Speirs to upload directly from iPhoto to my Flickr account. I uploaded the full-sized images, so my free Flickr account is currently full.
I had been looking at SmugMug, but now am having second thoughts, and am seriously considering upgrading to a Pro account with Flickr. More to come…