Reading your Gmail via Atom

I’ve been using GmailStatus to alert me when I get new mail to my Gmail account (anyone [want an account]( account request)?). On my 12-inch PowerBook, however, menu bar space is precious, and if I can eliminate a menu bar widget, I will.
This may come as old news to some, but Gmail has added Atom feeds. It was really as simple as the article states: I dropped the link in to my NetNewsWire subscriptions, it asked for my login and password to the Gmail account, and that was it. I sent a test message to my Gmail account, and a couple of minutes later, when the feed refreshed, there it was. Aces!
NetNewsWire is one of the applications I always have open, so it makes sense for my usage patterns to keep track of my Gmail account this way. I don’t use Gmail as a primary e-mail account, so there’s no reason for me to keep it open in a browser window, and I’ve yet to get its POP access working with Mailsmith. If anyone’s been able to do this, [please let me know]( on Mailsmith).