Baton? I don’t see a baton

Because that so-and-so Tom publicly foisted this meme upon me, and Michael tagged me, too, here goes:
Total size of music files on my computer: Tunaphisch is loaded with 25.72 GB of music, exactly 5,000 songs at the moment. Only one of those is a purchase from the iTunes Music Store, and “purchase” may be stretching it, since I redeemed a Pepsi cap to get the song.
Last CD I Bought: Where Angels Fear to Tread by Matt Redman. Most people know Matt’s work from the worship hit “Blessed Be Your Name,” and this is the album it’s on.
Song playing in iTunes: “Come Down
” from the Vineyard Music album Just Like Heaven, the second-to-last CD I bought.
Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: There are a lot of songs that I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me, so here’s what you could call the current batch of such songs, and since I couldn’t decide which one to give up, you get six.
“Callin’ Baton Rouge” by Garth Brooks – it’s not often a song contains the name of your hometown, and it was while at LSU I met my wife.
Love of a Lifetime
” by Firehouse – the song we danced to at our wedding. I wish the slower acoustic version had been available then.
May Your Wonders Never Cease
” by Third Day – this song became incredibly important to me when our son was born, nine weeks early, and he spent the first seven weeks of his life in the hospital. Today, you would never know our toddler was a preemie, and God’s wonders do indeed never cease.
“Barely Stay Inside of My Own Skin” by Ceili Rain – like the song says, “Can’t believe the life I get to live.” Despite being unemployed, despite all of the other bad things that have happened to my family over the past two years, I still have a really great life. This is a great pick-me-up song.
Be Unto Your Name
” by Robin Mark – this is one of my favorite worship songs, and I come back to it again and again.
A Living Prayer
” by Alison Krauss & Union Station – I saw them perform this on Leno during the Christmas 2004 season, and Ms. Krauss’ vocals cut right to the bone.
The five victims I’m cursing with this meme:
Since Michael stole the bulk of the ATPM bloggers, and most of the other bloggers with whom I am friends have already gone through this torture, here’s my hit list.
Wes Meltzer, because he needs to blog about something other than interning at Popular Mechanics.
Jim Riggs, because he always has something I like, but may not know about.
Brian Borden, because the SuperToad needs to blog about something other than politics.
Tiffany Baxendell, because Tom foisted it on me, babe, so you get to suffer, too. (And I like what Tiff has previously recommended.)
Damien Barrett, because while we don’t always agree on things, he’s a good guy to hang out with, and he gave me my Newton 2100.