Magic Pot of Jobs

Tiffany has a new project. If I could only get a recruiter as good as her here in DFW…

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Too many miles

Have more frequent-flyer miles than you know what to do with? Well, transfer some to me! I’ve got to get back to the islands!
Seriously, if you have more miles than you think you’re going to use any time soon, here are some web sites that might be able to help: up to 80 charities accepting point donations from 17 different airline programs trade in your miles, buy yourself an Iced Mocha Frappicino Grande. Or a new jacket.
Mileage Plus: 10,000 United miles = 100 downloads from Sony’s music service. Someone ping me when it works with iTMS.
[Via the 29 July 2005 edition of The Week, which got it from Real Simple.]


He made a guy cry?

Nick Saban, former head coach of the national champion LSU Tigers football team, has a reputation of being a tough coach. He’s tough on his players during practice, and especially during a game. This was one reason he was highly sought after by the Miami Dolphins.
So what does he do during the first training camp with the team? Why, he makes a rookie defensive tackle cry, of course. I shall refrain from comments regarding the DT being from USC…


Cable modem, anyone?

For sale: Toshiba PCX1100U cable “modem,” with one 10BaseT port, one USB port, one 12V DC port, and one co-axial, aka, cable, port. Item is 3.5 years old, still in working condition as of two weeks ago, when it was taken offline. Includes AC adapter, and Ethernet patch cable for connecting to PC or router. Cheap. All offers considered.

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War, what is it good for?

Well, victory for one thing, as Mark Steyn points out.
[via Hugh]


We call them like we see them

Hugh Hewitt:

If you didn’t hear Nancy Pelosi’s press conference yesterday, you missed the pure sound of a loser who will never be anything but a loser because she cannot get above her own bitterness to ask what it is that allows the president to keep winning hand after hand.
(The press conference in question was held on Thursday, 28 July.)


We’ll do anonymity, but not transparency

So a journalist from the Washington Post calls Hugh Hewitt, asking for an interview. Sure, replies Hugh. But it has to be on the air, live. Journalist declines. Hugh posits:

Isn’t journalism supposed to be in the public interest? If Goldstein wants information from me, and I am willing to give it to her, isn’t she putting her own interests in a “scoop” or an “angle” ahead of the public’s by refusing to conduct an interview she thought would be useful in the first place? And isn’t she going forward with a story she knows may well be unnecessarily incomplete because she doesn’t like the fact that her questions and my answers would have been on the record?

I of course want my listeners to get a chance if not to see the sausage that is MSM “news” being made, at least hear it being ground fine. I had hoped to compare whatever I was able to provide Ms. Goldstein with whatever it is that she publishes on the subject. Interesting all around, no?

But she declined to conduct the interview she requested. How interesting to note that the Post is willing to use sources that insist on anonymity, but not sources that demand transparency.
[Emphasis added. –R]


Windows backup recommendations

Dear readers, I am seeking a personal backup solution for Windows XP that will allow me to back up a user folder to CD. Preferably cheap, preferably easy, though I would say of the two, easy is the higher preference. Retrospect is not in the running, please do not suggest it. Please leave your recommendations in the comments, for others to enjoy. Thanks!

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Are you sleeping?

Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:

“September 11 for me was a wake up call. Do you know what I think the problem is? That a lot of the world woke up for a short time and then turned over and went back to sleep again.”


Which diet Coke is which Diet Coke

Merlin’s page points to this explanation by Leslie on the different make-ups of the different diet sodas now available from Coca-Cola.
For the record, I’ve tried them all, and my own personal taste test results are as follows:
Diet Coke – I knew there was a reason I never liked “New Coke,” and having a non-sugar version only made that worse
Diet Coke with Splenda – new “New Coke”; better than the original, but still not something I’d pick up
Coke Zero – nice try, and it would be a toss-up between it and the Diet with Splenda
C2 – as close as you can get to the authentic Coke with a diet version; if I can’t have, or would rather not have, the Real Thing™, this is what I drink
Though I have been rather successful at keeping soda of any kind to a minimum in my diet. Which means if I’m going to have one, I may as well have the original, non-diet version.