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Throwing down the gauntlet

Despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Democrats and the rest of the Left, the President stuck to his guns and nominated John Roberts to the Supreme Court. The not-so-loyal opposition has already begun to put its foot in its mouth, as the President dares them to raise a ruckus over a nominee they unanimously confirmed two years ago to the appellate bench.
Hinderaker’s take on Leahy/Schumer:

[I]t was fun to see Pat Leahy and Chuck Schumer on television tonight; they looked just awful. After President Bush’s terrific, upbeat presentation of Roberts, and Roberts’ graceful, brief talk, Leahy and Schumer sounded like they had just dropped in from another planet. They were dour, hateful, and came across as sad and pathetic minions who have been sent on a hopeless mission by their bosses at “People for the American Way.”
Hugh thinks the Roberts’ nomination is a “home run,” and from what I’ve read, it sounds that way. Let’s just hope and pray fifteen to twenty years from now, he’s still in the Rehnquist-Scalia-Thomas mold, and not drifting aimlessly as O’Connor ended.