No, we’re just hungry

Lileks cracks me up:

Women writing about men always seems like cats writing about dogs; they just can’t believe that sitting around and waiting for supper or intruders is what it’s all about. It has to be something more. A writer of the Dowd Brigade will ask: why does he want to go have pizza after sex instead of cuddling? A man, or a married woman, will say: because he’s hungry. No, it has to be more than that. Is he using the trip to the fridge as a hedge against intimacy? No, he’s using it as a means to get pizza. Because he’s hungry. You want him to stay, put a frozen Totinos between the mattress and the box spring before you start.
We men are really and truly not that complicated, ladies.


Join the Axis of Alitists!

Okay, so if I can’t have Janice Rogers Brown, then Sam Alito is a fine choice. The son of an immigrant and a public school teacher is already under fire from the Dems and radical left –notice how it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the two–according to Hugh.


Don’t forget your local charities

I read an article in one of the local rags that donations to CCA are down in the wake of the massive outreach for hurricane victims. CCA is one of the leading charities in north Texas, serving primarily the communities between Dallas and Denton, with most of their efforts concentrated between Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Carrollton. CCA President Ed Johnson says, “All of the merchandise that has diverted to hurricane relief leaves the 12,000 people we serve each year short–very short.” (CCA takes in unwanted items and resells them in a retail environment as one way of raising funds.)
I’m sure there is a similar charity in your own community, which may be seeing a shortfall in light of hurricane relief efforts. I urge you to not forget about the help they give year-round, and to continue to support them, with your time or donations.

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War with Jihadistan update

The Federalist Patriot, 05-43 Digest:

Al-Qa’ida murdered almost 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil in about an hour back in 2001–almost all of them civilians. The reason no additional American civilians have died in attacks on our homeland is that 150,000 uniformed American Patriots have formed a formidable front on al-Qa’ida’s turf, a very inhospitable region of the world. These Patriots are a proud breed–Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguardsmen–and they have chosen to stand in harm’s way in order to defend their families, their friends, their country.

In doing so, more than 2,000 of these brave souls have been killed.

This week, every mass media outlet took a break from their “CIA leak” promotion to run headlines and lead stories about the Iraq death toll reaching 2,000 (1,567 killed in action since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 19 March 2003)–as if the death of American Patriot number 1,999 was somehow less important. Typical was this headline from The New York Times: “2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, A Grim Mark.” But not a whisper in the Leftmedia about the 3,870 Iraqi security forces killed in the last six months alone, in defense of their emerging democracy.

For The Patriot, every death of a member of our Armed Forces is equally devastating, and we mourn each one. Not a day passes without our prayers for both those standing in harm’s way, and their families.

The “dezinformatsia” machines promote this “milestone” for one reason only–to foment additional dissent and rally support against the Bush administration’s national-security strategy, which is to protect our homeland by taking the battle with Jihadis to their turf. In doing so, the Leftmedia has reduced the sacrifice of these young Patriots to nothing more than political fodder for their appeasement agenda.

On the night of 11 September 2001, President Bush told the nation, “We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” He set in motion pre-emptive operations, which would become the “Bush Doctrine.” Our analysts continue to support the doctrine of pre-emption firmly as the best measured response to the Jihadi threat around the world.

As for those still “Stuck on Stupid“, insisting that there were no WMD found in Iraq, here’s a partial list of what didn’t make it out of Iraq before the invasion: 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium, 1,700 gallons of chemical-weapon agents, chemical warheads containing the nerve agent cyclosarin, thousands of radioactive materials in powdered form designed for dispersal over population centers, artillery projectiles loaded with binary chemical agents, etc.

As The Patriot noted in October, 2002, our well-placed sources in the region and intelligence sources with the NSA and NRO estimated that the UN Security Council’s foot-dragging provided an ample window for Saddam to export some or all of his deadliest WMD materials and components. At that time, we reported that Allied Forces would be unlikely to discover Iraq’s WMD stores, noting, “Our sources estimate that Iraq has shipped some or all of its biological stockpiles and nuclear WMD components through Syria to southern Lebanon’s heavily fortified Bekaa Valley.”

In December of 2002, our senior-level intelligence sources re-confirmed estimates that some of Iraq’s biological and nuclear WMD material and components had, in fact, been moved into Syria and Iran. That movement continued until President Bush finally pulled the plug on the UN’s ruse.

To that end, we are deeply indebted to our Patriot Armed Forces, who have prevented al-Qa’ida or some other Jihadi terrorist cell from striking a U.S. urban center with WMD. Make no mistake–Islamofascists want to bring America to ruin, and they will use any means at their disposal to do so. Mr. President, stay the course.
[Emphasis added. –R]

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Windows: neurotic

Jack Good, mathematician:

“My Windows 98 computer tells lies and often forces me to shut down improperly. Such behaviour in a human would be called neurotic.”


It’s nominating time…again…

Harriet’s out. There will be speculation on whether she acted one hundred percent unilaterally, or if this is just the way the administration is spinning it. It doesn’t really matter.
Now the contemplation begins on who the President will put forth as the replacement for Justice O’Connor. A common refrain from the Left has been that a woman should be nominated, to replace a woman. I have no problem with that.
Janice Rogers Brown is my personal pick. A woman, and a minority woman at that. The Left should be quite happy with that, no? Of course not, because Justice Brown is conservative, and based upon her record, mostly an originalist when it comes to constitutional matters. Obviously, this means she is radically out of the mainstream, and not fit for the robes of a Supreme.
It would be fun just to watch the Democrats and their radical left backers fall all over themselves trying to figure out how to disparage a black woman being elevated to the highest court in the land.


The latest iBelieve

Someone tell me when Snoop, 50 Cent, or some other rapper/hip-hopper sports the iBelieve on MTV.
Not that I really care; that’s just the first thing I thought of when I saw the product photo.
[Via John.]

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It is about time…

With thanks to John for the post title and link:
Rich Siegel, of Bare Bones fame, is finally blogging.
As if it weren’t enough that Rich is responsible for two of the applications I use the most each day, he is a fellow scotch and peanut butter lover. Rich, drop me a line when you’re in Dallas; there’s 12-year Glenfiddich Special Reserve in the pantry.

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The Palestinian descent in to barbarism

Bret Stephens:

Many explanations have been given to account for the almost matchless barbarism into which Palestinian society has descended in recent years. One is the effect of Israeli occupation and all that has, in recent years, gone with it: the checkpoints, the closures, the petty harassments, the targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders. I witnessed much of this personally when I lived in Israel, and there can be no discounting the embittering effect that a weeks-long, 18-hour daily military curfew has on the ordinary Palestinians living under it.

Yet the checkpoints and curfews are not gratuitous acts of unkindness by Israel, nor are they artifacts of occupation. On the contrary, in the years when Israel was in full control of the territories there were no checkpoints or curfews, and Palestinians could move freely (and find employment) throughout the country. It was only with the start of the peace process in 1993 and the creation of autonomous Palestinian areas under the control of the late Yasser Arafat that terrorism became a commonplace fact of Israeli life. And it was only then that the checkpoints went up and the clampdowns began in earnest.

In other words, while Palestinian actions go far to explain Israeli behavior, the reverse doesn’t hold.


I hope we don’t reap what we’re sowing


When one pharmaceutical company offered to sell a new pneumococcal vaccine to the government for $58 a dose, the Centers for Disease Control demanded a $10-a-dose discount. Politicians want companies to take all the risk of developing new vaccines, but they don’t want the companies to make any money from taking those risks. Then the politicians profess surprise and dismay that there’s a vaccine shortage.