World Cup wussies?

So I’m sitting here watching Spain play Saudi Arabia in the World Cup, and we’re having more and more of the pathetic overacting by the players when they get tackled/kicked/knocked down. Can we stop this sad display, manly football men of the world?
Look, I know it hurts like hell when you get kicked in the shin, but I thought that was the point of wearing those pads inside the socks that pull up to your jock strap. Yet these guys get tapped on the shin, they go down like a load of bricks, and writhe around as if their opponent just sliced off their lower leg with a sword. Razor’s right; enough already. I’ve watched the team of thirteen year-olds my friend Gary’s stepson plays on, and they whack at one another more than these “top players in the world”, with less faked agony.
If you want soccer to catch on more in the U.S., show us you all can act like men and take your licks.
This goes double for the eliminated U.S. team.