Disko goes Centerstage at Griffin

Griffin Technology today announced two new iPod cases, the Disko and the Centerstage, for fifth-generation iPods. Both are made from clear polycarbonate for protection, then diverge to their unique features. The Centerstage features an anodized aluminum flip-cover, which allows the case to convert in to a stand. The Centerstage flip-cover is available in four different colors. The Disko has three colored LED lights set around the scroll wheel portion of the case, as well as what it appears to be around the edges of the case. The lights are motion controlled, turning on with movement of the scroll wheel, and are powered by the iPod itself.

Griffin's Centerstage case Griffin's Disko case

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my money on the Disko, but I know there are plenty of folks out there who will love it, much the way they love the light-up mobile phone accessories. I can see a real use in the Centerstage, however, especially for those who may take their iPod to the office where they don’t have a dock hooked up to their office computer system.