It’s the little things that matter

In the Starkist Lunch To-Go “meals”, or as I refer to them, “snack packs”, you have six crackers (when you really need seven to eight), a sealed pouch of Starkist white albacore tuna, a pack of reduced-calorie mayonnaise, a pack of sweet relish, a small plastic spoon to mix the previous three together, a napkin, and an after-meal mint.
A mint.
Nice touch, Starkist. Well done.
I’m still hungry.

Compassion’s AIDS Initiative

As we enter the holiday season, please consider a donation to Compassion International’s AIDS Initiative. More than 12 million kids have been left orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, and Compassion’s efforts are among many trying to stem the flood. Donations to the AIDS Initiative provide food, shelter and basic care for AIDS orphans, as well as medical treatments, including AIDS-inhibiting antiretroviral therapy, and HIV/AIDS awareness education for surviving adults and children.
You can make a one-time donation, choose to donate monthly, or, better still, choose to sponsor a child on a monthly basis in the affected areas. Sponsorship is certainly worth the time and effort; we look so forward to the letters, photos, and drawings from the child we sponsor in Tanzania.
This season is big on gift-giving, and here is an opportunity to give the gift of live in a land where survival is beyond anything most of us can imagine. Please consider a donation today.

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More Get a Mac

There are three new “Get a Mac” commercials: “Gift Exchange”, “Sales Pitch”, and “Meant for Work”. The worst of the three, and probably the worst of all the “Get a Mac” ads, has to be “Sales Pitch”. I really like “Meant for Work”, especially the end when PC wanders off in disgust, saying, “I have got to go…listen to some emo.” I’d probably feel the same way.

The News Right Now

I’d say something pithy like, “All the news you can use in one spot”, but for quite a few folks, it may not, in fact, be all the news they could use, and it may not include all of the news they may want to use. Be that as it may: The News Right Now.
TNRN is a news aggregator which combines “Old Media” with “The Blogs”, their titles, not mine. The sources are divided on the page, with the former being on top, and the latter on the bottom. There are preferences to switch this, and to even exclude one or the other from being displayed. Another preference to tweak is the displaying of news by the source, or by topic, by source being the default. These preferences are in handy drop-down menus at the top of the page.
In the Old Media wing, one can find the headlines from The Wall Street Journal, the AP, Reuters, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, WSJ’s OpinionJournal, Philly’s Inquirer, the LA Times, the Washington Times, and a few others.
The Blogs range from Washington Monthly to The Corner (National Review), The American Prospect to, Eschaton and the Daily Kos to Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt. Joshua Micah Marshall, The Plank, Michelle Malkin, Power Line, and Ed Morrissey round out the featured bloggers.
There is no way to delete or add an individual news source or blog, but for a lot of folks who may engage several of these sites per day, The News Right Now is a good way to get an overview of the latest news from a single source.

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