ATPM 13.01

Welcome to 2007! The January issue issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available. With this issue, ATPM enters its thirteenth year of publication! I am very proud to be a part of this staff, and would like to thank all of the staffers for a great 2006. I’m looking forward to the next twelve months of celebrating “the personal computing experience” with all of you!
Our thanks to Charles Anthony for this month’s cover art. We’re always looking for artwork, so if you’re interested, please let the editors know.
Recently, Michael and I had a discussion regarding sponsorships for the publication. ATPM has always been a free, volunteer-staffed magazine. We don’t make a profit, and any monies generated by sponsorships or ad revenue is pumped back in to the publication’s hosting costs. With twelve years of issues hosted online, the potential of high bandwidth costs is always hanging over us, and our parents taught us the value of being prepared for a rainy day. The result of our discussion is that ATPM will no longer accept direct sponsorships or advertising or advertising. The revenue generated by the Google and Yahoo ads you see on the site, coupled with those of our affiliate shopping links, is currently sustaining us. For those former sponsors and direct advertisers, we thank you for your sponsorship and enjoyed the many relationships they enabled. Our best wishes to your respective companies in 2007. If you enjoy reading ATPM, please help us cover our costs by clicking on the ads which may be of interest to you, and using the affiliate shopping links.
As the new year dawns, we welcome two new staffers. Linus Ly will be assisting on the editorial side of the fence, helping lay down the grammatical law in the copy-editing trenches. Chris Dudar is very much in to 3D graphics, and will be covering applications in that realm. We’re glad to have you guys on board!
Mike kicks the new year off by exploring his hopes and dreams in the Macintosh realm for 2007. Lee continues the Photoshop for the Curious tutorial, with Palettemania! He also provides some outstanding fireworks photos for this month’s desktop pictures section. Speaking of outstanding, er, out-stepping, er, stepping out–yeah, that’s it, stepping out–Cortland learns that some times you have to swing in the right direction for the one you love.
Wes reviews Audio Hijack Pro, a tool I’ve found quite useful in making my own MP3 ringtones. (You’re not actually paying three bucks for a ringtone, are you?) I found coconutBattery, examined for the ATPM readership by David Thompson, fit the bill last year (wow, it really was last year) in diagnosing my PowerBook’s failing battery. As noted above, Chris Dudar opens up the 3D realm to the ATPM readership, this month with a review of DAZ/Studio, better known as D/S, and this one’s not from Nintendo. Finally, Lee’s not as impressed with the iTalk Pro as he was with the original iPod recording unit from Griffin.
You can always find ATPM in a flavor of your liking, and we hope we can serve many more appetizing morsels in the coming year.