So, yeah, this is gonna pretty much suck

So the follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon was today, and we went over the results of yesterday’s CT scan. Of course, we got the worst possible news: surgery. I’ve got bits of bone loose in the foot, so those need to come out, and a screw needs to go in to help hold stuff together long enough to heal.
So I’ll get sliced and screwed on Tuesday, be in a splint and bandages until mid-August, then it’s in to a hard cast for six weeks. All that time, no pressure on the foot, totally on crutches. For two months.
Then, after I get the crutches off, it’s back in to the boot for, well, we actually didn’t get that far. The end of the road is approximately four to five months away, when we’ll have another procedure to remove the screw.
So I won’t be doing much swimming the rest of the summer. I definitely won’t be playing softball this fall, which really bums me out. I won’t get to enjoy the little phisch’s birthday party next week nearly as much as I was looking forward to, which really really bums me out.
At least I’ll be in a position to get a lot of reading done and a lot of movies watched, right?

2 thoughts on “So, yeah, this is gonna pretty much suck

  1. I can help with the movies, but I’ll have to just meet you at the counter. Sorry, man, but I’m just not going to walk extra slow with you from the parking lot. I hate to be unsympathetic on that front, but that’s just how it is!

  2. Actually, I was thinking of all those movies sitting in my Netflix queue that we still haven’t watched…
    So far as going out to movies are concerned, I’ll still be up for that, of course, but I was hoping you could drop me off and pick me up at the curb, just so I wouldn’t have to trek through the parking lot. 😉

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