My last five songs

Tom tagged me, asking I note the last five songs I’ve purchased. Since I don’t often purchase individual songs, my list will mostly contain my favorite songs from the last few CDs I’ve purchased.
1. “Once Bitten Twice Shy” — Great White
Tried out the new Amazon MP3 store and got this. It’s the only Great White song I’ve ever liked, so why bother buying an entire album to get it?
2. “Disarray” — Lifehouse, Who We Are
I really like the way this song kicks off the album.
3. “Every Man” — Casting Crowns, The Altar and The Door
I love the reminder this song gives me that everyone needs the salvation God offers in His Son, no matter who they are.
4. “Dirty And Left Out” — The Almost, Southern Weather
Because what’s a rock album without a ballad? And boy, have I felt this way at times.
5. “Long Live the King” — Aaron Shust, Whispered and Shouted
Shust builds this song perfectly. I don’t usually associate the words “anthemic” and “fist-pumping” with worship music, but this one gets the blood moving.
I don’t really like “tagging” folks and propagating Internet memes–gee, I guess if I really feel that way, I should stop participating in them, shouldn’t I?–but I confess, I am curious as to the last five songs purchased by Brent, Nathan, Michael, Wes, and Raena. (If you don’t feel like blogging your response, lady and gents, feel free to leave it in the comments.)