2007 College Football Bowl Schedule

In some cultures, it is customary for the one having a birthday, instead of receiving gifts, to give them to loved ones and friends.
Since I’m unemployed and living off of the labor of the hot number who agreed to swim through life with me, my gift to my college football-loving friends is a ready-made, iCalendar format calendar for the 2007 College Football Bowl season. From the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (there’s a mouthful) on December 20th through the Allstate BCS Championship Game (Geaux Tigers!) on January 8th, they’re all in there, complete with locations, the match-ups, and the station on which you can find the game, courtesy of ESPN. All times are for the Central time zone.
Just click on the link below, unzip the file, and open it in your calendar application of choice. (Provided said calendar application supports the iCalendar protocol. This was created in Apple’s iCal, so if you’re a Mac OS X user, you’re covered.) Enjoy!

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