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MyFox Atlanta | ‘Cheesus?’: Woman Finds Jesus In Bag of Cheetos

Two things I found telling from the article:
“The pastor of Kirkwood United Methodist Church does not see anything theologically special about the Cheeto, but thinks some good could come from it. Pastor David Bennett says, ‘If people can find Jesus, somehow, in each of us like she’s found in this object, that would be a wonderful thing.’
“Kelly doesn’t plan to sell the Cheeto and will keep it in a safe deposit box.”
The pastor calls it. And if I were Kelly, I’d have eaten it. Photographed it, sure. Shared the photo with my friends, posted it to Flickr, whatever. But I’d have eaten “Cheesus”. It’s just a Cheeto. And Cheetos are yummy…
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Neuromarketing » Please Your Guests by Fooling Them
The gist: more expensive wine isn’t necessarily better. Unlike, say, a real drink like scotch…
The 10 Best Kitchen Implements For Fighting Off a Ninja
I think I’d go with the cutting board and the frying pan. Those just seem the best way to go all melee on that sneaky little ninja’s hide.
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