ifo Apple Store shutting down

The site isn’t going away, but Gary Allen is ceasing new updates on the best tracking site of Apple retail sites outside (and possibly inside) Apple itself:

After following Apple retail for 14 years, I’ve reached a happy ending, and am gracefully backing away from the crazy world of following the company and its stores. No more stories or analysis, or flying out to far-flung locations to join overnight crowds,waiting for the excitement of new store opening (NSO). I began this Web site as simply a way of celebrating the fun of grand openings and the close friendship of the people I met when I arrived in a new country or city.

Gary was kind enough to include this shot of mine, of the original Knox Street (Dallas) storefront, on the store’s original page on the site.


Gary still links to my full photo album of the Knox Street opening in the store’s listing (#52), and for that, I remain humbled and grateful for the inclusion of my photos in his grand work.

Hockey Sounds from Scott Duffy on Vimeo.

Although I’m looking forward to spring/summer, I’ll be sad to see our backyard rink go. It’s been another great winter for outdoor skating and my two boys took full advantage. Despite getting his butt kicked by his older brother, my youngest son’s skating drastically improved over the last 3 months. No children were harmed during the filming of this video. Thanks to my wife Kelli for helping me shoot this past weekend and for putting up with my non-stop camera obsession. In this (quick cut style) video, either a person, object or thing is centered in every scene. Here’s a whole bunch of good ol’ Canadian hockey in under one minute. Crank it up on a good sound system or use headphones for a better overall viewing experience.

Shot using a Blackmagic Pocket Camera, edited with FCPX and coloured with DaVinci Resolve.

Music by: Matt Bauer “Western States” (myspace.com/mattbauer)
Downloaded from the Vimeo Music Store vimeo.com/musicstore

Created for the Weekend Challenge: vimeo.com/groups/weekendchallenge

The Smartest Things Ever Said About Facebook

The Smartest Things Ever Said About Facebook