Three times is charming

LSU's Matt Flynn throwing against Ohio State
Photo courtesy of Associated Press

It was certainly a great night for the Tiger fans here in the Phisch Bowl. We had some fellow alumni over, as well as friends who are just college football fans, and their kids. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had Zapp’s potato chips and Abita beer (Amber and Turbodog), even some king cake. We ate well, we cheered hard for our Tigers, and cheered harder still as the clock ran down in the fourth quarter.

Born to it

Monday night, my folks made the requisite birthday phone call, and while chatting with my dad, I was informed that thirty-seven years ago today, I witnessed my first LSU football game.
Not that I recall one lick of it, you understand, being all of two days old. But Dad held me and we watched LSU go at it against Ole Miss, which was quarterbacked by the legendary Archie Manning. Of the three games Archie played against the Tigers, this was the only one he lost, and the Rebels lost big, 61-17. Manning played the game with a protected broken arm. (They don’t make football players like they use to, though some come close.)
So for my friends who might not quite understand my passion for college football, especially the Tigers, you could say I was born to it, and it’s been with me ever since.

2007 College Football Bowl Schedule

In some cultures, it is customary for the one having a birthday, instead of receiving gifts, to give them to loved ones and friends.
Since I’m unemployed and living off of the labor of the hot number who agreed to swim through life with me, my gift to my college football-loving friends is a ready-made, iCalendar format calendar for the 2007 College Football Bowl season. From the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (there’s a mouthful) on December 20th through the Allstate BCS Championship Game (Geaux Tigers!) on January 8th, they’re all in there, complete with locations, the match-ups, and the station on which you can find the game, courtesy of ESPN. All times are for the Central time zone.
Just click on the link below, unzip the file, and open it in your calendar application of choice. (Provided said calendar application supports the iCalendar protocol. This was created in Apple’s iCal, so if you’re a Mac OS X user, you’re covered.) Enjoy!

I was wrong. It’s worse than I thought.

Some chatter by the sports media talking heads got me to wondering, so I did some research.
I was wrong when I stated that a team had to win their conference to play in the BCS national championship game, thus eliminating Georgia and Kansas from contention. According to the BCS Selection Policies and Procedures, the only requirements to play in the National Championship Game (NCG) is that the two teams must be ranked first and second in the BCS rankings.
What this means is that if the unlikely scenario I posited comes true, and Missouri, West Virginia, and Virginia Tech all lose, what we’d likely see is Ohio State and Georgia playing for the BCS championship. That’s right, one team that played its last game on 11/17, and the other on 11/24, each getting to play for the national title, and only one of whom won its conference. If that scenario isn’t just one of many which continues to scream the need for a playoff system, I don’t know what would be one.
What this means is that if somehow Mizzo, WV, and VT all lose–and things are tied up between BC and VT as of this writing–and LSU prevails, the pollsters would have to give my Tigers some serious love to vault them past Georgia and Kansas to put them in the national championship game. Otherwise, the best they can hope for is the Sugar Bowl. Given how badly they played last week against Arkansas, and the way they’ve struggled all through November, that may just be the best they should get any way. Geaux Tigers!!!