Earthquake survivor assistance still needed

Associated Press:

Many of the nearly 650,000 displaced by Indonesia’s earthquake are living with deteriorating sanitary conditions, forced to wash with dirty water that infects wounds and spreads skin disease, doctors said Sunday.
Please consider donating to any of the many organizations providing relief assistance. We like the package and plan from World Vision, which has put together individual kits for survivors.

Earthquake relief

World Vision is one of many non-government organizations (NGOs) providing emergency
survival kits in Indonesia, as a result of the recent earthquake there. World Vision’s kits include blankets, temporary shelter, medicine and clothing. If you’re seeking to help out with relief efforts there, please consider a donation to World Vision.


I know Lee will be interested in Anil’s observations on web site comments.

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Stop wandering aimlessly through that phone tree, and get a human on the line.

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“This is hot.” New fan-created Firefox ad that’s really good.

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Love coffee? Love cafes, but don’t want to support the corporate monstrosity? Then use Delocator to find local shops near you. And please, if you know of a local cafe that’s not listed on Delocator, add it!

[Waves of the phin to John, Paul, and John at FD.]

There and back again

Since leaving yesterday at 6:40 AM, and arriving back home today at 3:40 PM CST, I’ve driven 1,122 miles, spent 17 hours in a vehicle, and spent $106 on gas for the minivan. Whew.

Dressing for success

I knew about Dress for Success, because my wife’s donated some of her business clothing to them before. Now, for men, there is Career Gear. If you have business suits still in good shape you no longer wear, consider donating them to these non-profits, and help low-income men and women move up the ladder. Who knows, you may see your suit again, on someone else!

WalkAmerica 2006

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. One of my favorite charities is having its annual fundraiser, and you–yes, you–can be a part of it. “How?” you might ask.
Easy: sponsor me. My goal this year is to raise $110 before WalkAmerica 2006 here in Dallas on April 29th. So we have just under two months to get there.
So, if you’re a friend of mine, or a family member, and want to save yourself the anguish of my hitting you up for a charitable donation every time we chat, just hit the link now.
This charity is near and dear to our hearts, as our little guy came nine weeks early, and we had first-hand experience with some of the work the March of Dimes does for preemies. Please help us help other preemies!
Update: Just to show you I put my money where my mouth is, I’ve kicked things off with a $25 donation. With $5-10 here and there, we’ll reach the goal of $110 in no time. No excuses about being poor college students, etc. Skip the pizza and beer for one sitting, and your donation’s paid for.
Update 2: Thanks to the generous spirits of some of my friends, we have already blown past the goal of $110 to reach $125. I’ve now doubled the goal to $220. Thanks so much to those who have given!

It’s nice to know some people still get it

William Blair was recently outed as the secret benefactor to a group of World War II Pacific Theater former POWs, who get together for a monthly breakfast at Bunny’s Restaurant in Suffolk, Virginia.
I’ve met a good number of WWII vets in my time, and a few of them were POWs. Mr. Blair is correct in his noting that the Pacific Theater POWs usually get little mention compared to their European Theater brethren. I had the privilege in college of meeting a group of former POWs, including a Bataan Death March survivor. Those men have borne heavy burdens, and still do to this day. Mr. Blair, we salute you for your generosity and patriotism.