Retrophisch Read

I started a static list of books I had read on my old blog. As the list grew, I thought about starting a separate blog just for the books, even going so far as to setting the foundations within Movable Type. Finally, I’ve decided to simply incorporate these book entries in to this blog, with a few new categories to help along the way. These books will be presented both as I come across them in my memory, and as I read them from this point forward.

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Critical Space

This is the first of Greg Rucka’s Atticus Kodiak novels I’ve read, even though it’s the fifth in the series, but Critical Space had me hooked and reeled in.
Saturday night, maybe a dozen pages were read. Sunday, however, Sunday was a different story. I zoomed through over 450 pages; the story is just that good. Finished it off this morning, and went to my local Barnes & Noble to pick up the first in the series, Keeper. Started reading that during lunch, and can’t wait to get home tonight after baby CPR class. (Though I promise, sweetheart, that I won’t be up as late as last night!)
Definitely a Retrophisch Recommends Read™!