Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 22
Great seeing @jackcarrusa again after a few years (thanks, Covid response), happy @bekindtobignate got to meet Jack for the first time, and lots of fun time hangjng out with @jackstewartbook!
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 21
Loving this!
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 21
Sitting in my car in the driveway, reading today’s @myutmost devotional, with @OfficialPetra on the speakers. Sometimes you have to carve out that time when and where you can.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 20
There’s a new episode of the Empowered Parent Podcast out, and we are talking about connecting with the kids you struggle the most with. Listen wherever you download podcasts from, or right here:
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 19
Finished @MorlockP’s novella inside Mammon: Collateral, so I’m in the home stretch now. Some really great stories in here. Well done, @robkroese, with the author recruitment. 📚
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 17
My emotional support animal is a chicken. A four piece. With a biscuit. And a sweet tea.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 12
Finished Sierra Six last week. Finished Hostile Intent Tuesday night. If you’re a fan of the thriller genre, and you’re not reading @markgreaneybook and @bentleydonb, you are depriving yourself and should fix that post-haste.
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 11
Between a conversation with Ward tonight, wherein we learned of a connection between my college best friend and Ward’s Air Force career, and my previous post about the virtues of Top Gun, I was struck by the need for some ’80s rock.
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 11
Not only did I get to meet @bentleydonb at @interabangbooks this evening, but @JackStewartBook, @mccloskeybooks, and @wardlarsen as well! True gentlemen, all. Thanks for your time, Don!
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 10
During the period breaks of the Stars-Flames game, I’m watching a video on YouTube about the Rings of Power in Tolkien’s literature. And thus you have the #DualityofPhisch.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 08
Treating our senior to an early graduation gift: a Stanley Cup playoff game for our @DallasStars. #LetsGoStars
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 07
Honestly, with the camera angle and not being able to see the fronts of players’ jerseys because they’re constantly skating and moving, if it weren’t for the logo at center ice, I would have a hard time remembering who is who in the Tampa Bay-Toronto series. #NHLplayoffs
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 06
I love this current cadre of thriller writers: @bentleydonb totally throws @_NickPetrie_ under the bus by naming a “notorious” football coach after him. Love seeing this crew’s camaraderie. #HostileIntent 📚
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 05
Where my sysadmins at? What package manager does this use?
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 04
Makes sense this exists; Jerry Jones doesn’t know how to play chess.
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 04
May the Fourth be with you, everyone! And always remember…
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 04
I truly appreciate Canadian country music singer George Canyon skipping through The Star Spangled Banner as the DRINKING SONG THAT IT IS. Kudos, sir. #LetsGoStars
Chris Turner @retrophisch · May 01
If you know, you know.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Apr 30
Heck yeah! New @SignumRegis coming, and it’s a live album to boot!
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Apr 28
First date, 32 years ago today.
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