Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 30, 2022
This is so good, I listened to it this second time around. Don is so open and honest, some of his emotions still so raw, heck, I got choked up. Definitely a recommended listen.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 28, 2022
Great, fun read, definitely recommend the Mammon series.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 27, 2022
It’s difficult to take the warning seriously when the minions of Lucifer are so darn cute.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 26, 2022
At long last, my review of @TheJasonAnspach and @RealNickCole’s Forgotten Ruin: tl;dr: Do you like fantasy/D&D/Tolkien? Do you like military thrillers? If so, buy this, you won’t regret it.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 26, 2022
Yay! New entry in a great series dropping in 3 days.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 26, 2022
Somewhere, #Skynet is smiling.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 23, 2022
Treat yourself to @MarkGreaneyBook’s original vision of the story. You won’t regret it.
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 23, 2022
Watched the Russo brothers’ take on The Gray Man last night. Great, fun flick. I’m okay with the myriad changes made from the book, it’s to be expected when transitioning mediums. The heart of the story & character remains. Evans is great as the villain.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 22, 2022
John 1 is one of the reasons it’s my favorite gospel. Matthew & Luke are like detectives, opening their gospels by (necessarily) fitting the pieces together of Jesus’ lineage. John is the SWAT team kicking in the door, blasting the revelation.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 22, 2022
It is the year of our Lord 2022. If you would like me to take your solicitation seriously, perhaps update your database system to handle a person’s full name. Narrator: He still will not take the solicitations seriously, as they are unsolicited.
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 21, 2022
Finished @robkroese’s third book in his Mammon saga, *Nemesis,* on the plane ride home today. While adding it to my reading list, I noticed I finished it five months to the day after I finished book two. It’s a great read:
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 21, 2022
Dear @Avis, please stop buying Mitsubishi Outlanders. They are pieces of crap with no redeeming qualities whatsoever for drivers or passengers.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 15, 2022
Two and a half hour plane rides are great for reading. Got over a third of the way through @robkroese’s latest in the Mammon saga, Nemesis.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 15, 2022
I love a good Poe reference.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 13, 2022
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 13, 2022
We are celebrating half a million downloads of The Empowered Parent Podcast! To say thanks, we’ve released the “green room” episode we did on chores, normally available only to our patrons. Listen here:
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 12, 2022
Bob Odenkirk’s “Nobody” is fast becoming a favorite. Any time I see snippets, or catch part of it while channel-surfing, I’ll watch. So many fun beats, like: “You brought a lot of shotguns.” “You brought a lot of Russians!” Christopher Lloyd continues to be a treasure.
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 07, 2022
<Ponders moving to Phoenix, where if we're going to have temperatures from the sun's surface, at least the dry heat clears up allergies > @CARROT_app
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Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 02, 2022
Real interesting choice for a cameo, @JackCarrUSA!
Chris Turner @retrophisch · Jul 01, 2022
Look at @ProtonMail getting some love on @TerminalListPV! It’s been my email platform of choice nearly since its inception. #GetOffGmail