Sounds like material breach to me

Hans Blix:

“Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance–not even today–of the disarmament which is demanded of it and which it needs to carry out to the confidence of the world and to live in peace.”

From the Washington Post:

Blix sharply criticized Iraq for failing to make scientists available for private interviews; blocking U-2 aerial overflights and refusing to provide a complete declaration of its weapons of mass destruction. “It is not enough to open doors,” Blix told the council. “Inspection is not a game of “catch as catch can,” he said.

“It is a process of verification for the purpose of creating confidence. It is not built on the premise of trust. Rather, it is designed to lead to trust.”

Of course, the French and Russians would have us “give the inspectors more time,” so much more time, in fact, that military action against Saddam’s regime would be that much harder than it is now. I wonder what kind of per-barrel deals Hussein is working out with Chirac and Putin.

John D. Negroponte, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to the U.N. Security Council:

“There is little time left for the council to face its responsibilities. We see no evidence to indicate that Saddam is voluntarily disarming his nations of its biological, chemical weapons, nuclear capabilities and ballistic missiles.”

So ruck up, U.S. servicemen and women. Your CIC will no doubt be calling upon you soon. Kick butt, make us proud, and may God protect you and yours.