Oh man, if only.

What if a fantasy band of adventurers were treated like we treat rock bands in our time?

That’s the premise behind one of my favorite fantasy novels of the past decade, Nicholas Eames’ “Kings of the Wyld,” on sale for $3 on Kindle today. Definitely recommended: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KT7YTXW/retrophisch-20

The fact that the first song the Apple Infinite Playlist algorithm churned out after the entirety of the debut album by Bad English finished playing was Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” makes me think said algorithm programmer has a very good sense of humor.

Happy Signum Regis release day to all who celebrate.

And is that a kick-butt metal cover or what?

I pulled up “Close My Eyes Forever” by Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne, and the Apple Autoplay has been doing yeoman’s work with the ’80s hard rock/heavy metal since.

Just musically wandering through my teenage years while working…

It’s been a pretty great year for baseball in our house! #GeauxTigers #LetsGoRangers

Started and finished Eric Bishop’s novella Ransomed Daughter today.

A great introduction to The Omega Group, looking forward to the next tale. Though between the name and the Arnold jokes at the beginning, I suspect this was just one big homage to True Lies…

Remember when we didn’t have commercials for medications for curved penises due to scar tissue or menopausal women’s hot flashes during nationally televised sports broadcasts? Good times.

Don’t send me political texts I didn’t ask for.

The latest episode of The Empowered Parent Podcast was recorded in front of a live audience at Replanted Conference. We chat with host Currey Blanford: https://empoweredparent.podbean.com/e/replanted-recap-with-currey-blanford-s10-e18-156/