May have reached the point in the Rangers season where I’m actually glad I’m unable to watch the games due to local blackouts on MLB.TV (which is stupid if I’m paying for it), and the “disagreement” between Bally Sports Southwest and Frontier.

From both aesthetic and tradition points of view, I do not care for the sleeve adverts on MLB uniforms.

I firmly blame soccer.

No other words for it. That was just flat-out embarrassing. Champions definitely do not wear gold on this Sunday.

Let’s rally for the final game tomorrow, Tigers! #ForeverLSU

<Putty voice> “Gotta support the team.”

Champions wear gold on Sundays.

Let’s close this out, LSU baseball!

#GeauxTigers #LSU

You know why I still pay for TV through Frontier & run it all through my TiVo? Because streaming live sports absolutely sucks.

Watching LSU-OSU on ESPN+. Crews hits a 2-run homer. I rewind & pause so my wife can see it. Every time I press play, the stream COMPLETELY STARTS OVER.

Good #LSU sports day: Lady Tigers win their first game of the NCAA Tournament, and the baseball squad wins the weekend opener against The Cult in College Station. #GeauxTigers

Stars win third straight, and third scoring 5 or more goals.
Astros (first, but not current, baseball love) win World Series.
LSU downs Bama in OT to take control of SEC West.

Been a pretty great sports day.
#GeauxStars #GeauxStros #GeauxTigers

A couple of hams on Flickr.

At the Texas Rangers game today.

I wanted to personally thank Baton Rouge, LSU, Coach Paul Mainieri and the amazing LSU fans for the tremendous support they showed the cadets and fans from the United States Air Force Academy this past weekend. I had heard that LSU supporters were some of the best in the country, and they certainly did not disappoint.

I can honestly say that our team will never forget the unparalleled hospitality they received while visiting your great city and institution. Giving our team the opportunity to play and compete against such talent as Paul Mainieri and the LSU baseball team, in such an unbelievable facility was an experience our players, coaches and fans won’t soon forget.

Those of us wearing Air Force blue this weekend, in a sea of purple and gold might typically feel a little bit uneasy. However, your fans seemed genuinely appreciative of the cadets at the Air Force Academy and their future service to our great nation. To receive standing ovations during the middle of a Division 1 collegiate baseball game is an experience that is difficult to put into words. Nothing in my 20-year military and coaching career could have prepared me for that response and outpouring of support.

While we would have liked to walk out of Alex Box Stadium with a few more W’s this weekend, what we did walk away with simply cannot be matched.

You all should be very proud to be a part of such a great city and institution. Best of luck to all of you this season, and I think you may find you have a few more fans, who when not rooting for AFA will be pulling for LSU! It was Priceless! Thank You!

Michael “Kaz” Kazlausky, head baseball coach
United States Air Force Academy
USAF Academy, Col.



The time is close at hand.