The only thing I can think after the Austin-to-Dallas drive is, “Why are people?”

It’s as if no one has ever read every sci-fi story written about AI, nor watched every movie made about same.…

‘A.I. Will Be Totally Great For Humanity,’ Says Man Who Has Never Read A Sci-Fi Novel…

“Staying true to the game” is (a) a cop-out to cover for lazy writing, and (b) a lie when so much of the season contained content not true to the game.

I’m out on The Last of Us going forward. That was an awful season finale.

“Oh, but it was quite true to the game.” Fantastic. Then that is a suck-ass game.

The second half/third of the episode may have been the worst acting performance for Pascal yet, and he’s behind a mask 99% of the time on The Mandalorian.

Cue everyone talking about how amazing Rihanna’s halftime show was as if she designed, engineered, and built the entire floating stage herself, while simultaneously running the cameras as she sang while strapped to a pole.

Amazon really needs to have profiles for accounts, like Netflix or Hulu, so that the stuff my wife reads and listens to doesn’t affect my recommendations, which are radically different.

Cue all the thoughtless replies of “Why doesn’t she get her own Amazon account?”

Look, Tony Romo may genuinely be a nice guy. I don’t know, never met him.

But he sucks as a color commentator. He does not know how to SHUT. UP.

Dude, you’ve been doing this for like a minute. Take a breath, be quiet, and let the guy who’s been calling games nearly as long as you’ve been alive do his job.

I’m muting the TV again.

Hey @nfl, this isn’t the Super Bowl. It’s Thanksgiving Day games. Enough with the extended live music halftimes. Get back to football.

You know, the word that stands for that middle initial?

We used to have a proper country, a proper society.

We celebrated Halloween, and only Halloween.

Then we celebrated Thanksgiving, and only Thanksgiving.

Then it was Christmas season.

Now, it is just chaos. Anarchy.