Well, it’s quite obvious why the icon for the Apple Sports app is a soccer field. 🙄

No college baseball? College softball? Is there no NFL because it’s the off-season?

Used for less than 5 minutes, already deleted.

If I had been thinking ahead, I would have dug out my “I was a Mac user before Apple was doomed” t-shirt to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macintosh.

#MyFirstMac was a Performa 6115CD I got at the Tulane University bookstore when my wife was in law school.

If you’re nostalgic for the way Twitter used to be, give the Old Twitter extension a whirl. I’ve got it running in Brave and my unGoogled Chromium installation. They have one for Firefox, too. Simple and not annoying. https://github.com/dimdenGD/OldTwitter

My thanks to whomever originally posted that link; I don’t recall where I saw it.

When parody accurately describes reality.

With today’s big Threads launch, this latest post by CJ Chilvers seems highly relevant: https://www.cjchilvers.com/blog/open-wins/

My wish for #WWDC2023 is if I get a voice mail on my iPhone, I actually have the voice mail available before or at the same time as the transcribed text message, instead of hours or days later.

What I really want is a mechanical-key version of Logitech’s Ergo K860.

App update notes I can get behind.

The more I have to use Windows for my job, the more I enjoy coming home to macOS, even with its nuisances and issues.

Better looking, better keyboard control, just…better. It’s like a breath of computing fresh air.

Amazon really needs to have profiles for accounts, like Netflix or Hulu, so that the stuff my wife reads and listens to doesn’t affect my recommendations, which are radically different.

Cue all the thoughtless replies of “Why doesn’t she get her own Amazon account?”