Amazon really needs to have profiles for accounts, like Netflix or Hulu, so that the stuff my wife reads and listens to doesn’t affect my recommendations, which are radically different.

Cue all the thoughtless replies of “Why doesn’t she get her own Amazon account?”

You know, I could really use a @gluon for macOS…

Rockin’ old school today, both in terms of music and the throwback iOS interface thanks to Zhenyi Tan’s Medley.

There has been what I hope will be a temporary change to my iPhone home screen.

Yes, the Twitter iOS app sucks so bad, I spent $12 on the third-party client everyone said was still working, on the hope my credentials would work with it.

So far, so good.

You have to love spammers.

“Your devices are temporarily locked.”

Really? How on earth am I reading this, then?

Alright, since Apple broke the noise cancelation in the AirPods Pro, is there anything better for the same price out there?

I am old enough to remember when Apple still assembled Macs in California and in Ireland. I bought Macs made in those places.

It’s good for Apple to be looking at getting out of China, but it could at least look into bringing manufacturing back to the same hemisphere as their headquarters.

iPhone home screen, 1 December 2022

There have been some changes.

“Tim Cook Says He’s Ready To Pull Twitter From App Store Once President Xi Gives The Order”…

Once again, satire hits hard.

There have been lots of “Steve would’ve never!” type posts and articles published since Jobs’ death, but I really wonder if he would’ve stood for this sort of thing.…