For my Christmas-celebrating people: Possibly my favorite “O Holy Night,” the one from Studio 60.

I love “O Holy Night” as much for the words as the melody- the vision of the chains of oppression breaking, of real, meaningful equality in the kingdom of God, the hope that we can indeed live together in love and peace. If Advent is about hope in darkness, then “O Holy Night” is the vision of what we hope for.

I think this version manages to convey all that without the words, which is why I post it every year.

This is why I enjoyed Studio 60.

One of my favorite moments of television EVER.

Alison Krauss & Union Station, “A Living Prayer”, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I’m not sure why I was watching The Tonight Show that night a few years ago, but this was how the show ended. It was the first time I had heard of Alison and Union Station, and wow, what an impression they made. What a talented group of musicians. What a voice she has.

This song became an instant favorite because of this performance. I come back to it again and again. There is something soothing about it, and yet when she hits certain notes on certain lyrics, I get chills. I absolutely love it.


Chris Thile – Bach, G Minor Sonata, “Presto” (by megaphono79)

This is not exactly what I saw last night, but goddamn is it close.

I’ve heard the Bach G Minor Sonata on violin tens of times, but I never really heard it until Chris Thile played it on the mandolin.

This should have hundreds of thousands of views, not 96.

This is what Bach wrote.

Actual playing of music starts about a minute in. This needs to be a purchasable, downloadable MP3.

Flatfoot 56 – I Believe It from Anchor Guitars on Vimeo.

The boys in Flatfoot 56 are no strangers to touring. They have been holding their own for over ten years, and this year was no exception. Releasing new full length album ‘Toil’ on Florida based label Paper and Plastic. There schedule has sent them across the USA and Canada multiple times this year, with trips to Russia and Europe as well!!!

They showed up in Vancouver on October 16 having been on the road with Less Than Jake for just shy of two months. We were able to film their Victoria and Vancouver show, as well as two sound checks and an in-studio performance, the result is the video you are about to watch.

This song titled ‘I Believe It’, is one of the singles on their new album ‘Toil’. Released this last summer on the 24th of July.

Go and Download Toil!


Performance – Flatfoot 56
Recording – Chris Lemky
Video production – Anchor Guitar Studio