Jimmy’s having his cheeseburger in Paradise now. Had front row seats at a show he did in New Orleans in the mid-90s. Really fun. #RIP

Plane: booked
Hotel: booked
Car: booked
2-day pass: booked

I’m going to Immortal Fest II – Part 2!

Always a good time to roll out this classic: https://youtu.be/tgbNymZ7vqY

The band Behold the Beloved may have single-handedly redeemed the song “Oceans,” for me. It has been on my “Banned If I Were in Charge of Worship Music” list for many years. Doesn’t hurt they use a slice of Aaron Shust’s “My Savior My God” in it.

The AOR rabbit hole I have disappeared down today after listening to Revolution Saints’ latest single, thanks to Apple Music’s infinite playlist, has been spectacular. Added some new tunes to the library.

“When You Walk,” from last year’s Q.A.R., shows that Kerry Livgren and Greg X. Volz still have their fastballs, both aging like a great whiskey. Love this song. https://kerrylivgren.bandcamp.com/track/when-you-walk

Because my sister knows they’re my jam, she sends me this.

And in today’s metal mailbag, new Wytch Hazel music! And classics from Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Bride, and Petra, thanks to Girder Music’s sale.

Happy new @thedollyrots music day, everyone! New single, “Still Holding On,” has dropped: orcd.co/stillhold…

And 2023 tour dates announced!

Loving this neat lyric video from Lux Studio for my favorite Barren Cross song: youtu.be/uAamzYzw0…