Okay, this is funny.

Because my sister knows they’re my jam, she sends me this.

Oh look, it me.

I told my kids I need to 'tape' something and realized they have no idea what I meant and then I crumbled into ancient dust and my spirit went to live in an abandoned Blockbuster video

The struggle is real.

‘A.I. Will Be Totally Great For Humanity,’ Says Man Who Has Never Read A Sci-Fi Novel

Major Security Breakthrough In Star Wars Universe With Invention Of Door That Does Not Open If You Just Shoot The Control Panel

“It is better for me to die than to live,” said Job at the end of the performance, much to his friends’ disappointment. 🤣

Is it, though?

Leave it to a homicidal weather AI to overreact. It wasn’t that gloomy here today, @CARROT@mastodon.social.

The name of my next mariachi-fusion punk band is Incomplete Burrito.

(Which came out of my team’s staff meeting today.)