“Texas and Oklahoma think they’re ready for the hell that awaits them in the college football heaven known as the Southeastern Conference.

“They are not.”


Everything in college conference expansion is stupid as the ATLANTIC COAST conference adds teams from California and Texas. /sigh

Purely from an alliteration aesthetic viewpoint, the Michigan and Pittsburgh @USFL teams should swap nicknames. Michigan Maulers and Pittsburgh Panthers both sing.

I’ll be the guy that says it:

Don’t tell me Walker Howard and Jack Bech are guys who loved LSU. If they loved it as much as they and others proclaimed, they wouldn’t have transferred. And one to our mortal enemy school, no less.

I’m all for guys doing what’s best for them, but don’t gaslight me on how much they loved the school they left.

Myles Brennan’s example casts a long shadow for me. Would that it do so for others.

Props to Mike Tirico, rocking that quarter-zip under the suit jacket with the button-up and tie. I would never have thought that would be a sharp look, but he’s totally pulling it off. #SNF

Michigan was all “We’re going to bring the Big 10 to the Big 12” and the exact opposite has happened.

I remain baffled that a university named Bowling Green does not include green as a color in their school colors/athletic uniforms.

We were picked to finish last or next-to-last. Instead, #LSU beat Bama and won the SEC West. We over-achieved per expectations. Players bought in to the system. Now they need to develop within it. Future looks good. #GeauxTigers

It’s a game played by kids, half of them teenagers. Hormones. Brains not fully developed. There are perfect games, and there are absolute duds.

Don’t let your happiness be dictated by the outcome of such. Enjoy it for what it is. There’s always next season. #ForeverLSU

ESPN taking lessons from CBS on how to unnecessarily extend a college football game in this #LSU – TAMU contest…