Alright! @SouthernU_FB wins the Bayou Classic! #GeauxJags

Hey @nfl, this isn’t the Super Bowl. It’s Thanksgiving Day games. Enough with the extended live music halftimes. Get back to football.

You know, the word that stands for that middle initial?

Vandy just beat Florida in Nashville for the first time since 1988.

I was a freshman in college.


Welp, pretty great winning the SEC West in the first year of a new head coach when all the sports writers and “experts” picked you to finish next to last in the division. #GeauxTigers #GTHOM

Stars win third straight, and third scoring 5 or more goals.
Astros (first, but not current, baseball love) win World Series.
LSU downs Bama in OT to take control of SEC West.

Been a pretty great sports day.
#GeauxStars #GeauxStros #GeauxTigers

That’s right. Rush the damn field. Pay the damn fine. #RollTideWhat #GeauxTigers


Also, the stacking of the fee is ridiculous. It’s not preventing future events, and it’s not as though that money is going towards preventing it from ever happening again.…

LSU should storm the field every single time it beats Ole Miss, even if Ole Miss isn’t undefeated. Because it’s Ole Miss.…

Youngest had a lacrosse tournament earlier today, so I TiVo’d the #LSU game. Just finished watching. That was quite satisfying. #GTHOleMiss…