So are we at war, or aren’t we?

You have to love the Left. When it comes to liberating the Iraqi people, ousting a sociopathic dictator in possession of weapons of mass destruction, hunting down and exterminating terrorists bent on the destruction of the United States, and Western civilization in general, we are “not at war.” They claim it’s not a “real war,” since Congress has not declared such. Right. Like Congress can declare war on a relatively faceless entity with no geographic boundaries (al-Qaeda). Or if we go to war in Iraq, President Bush doesn’t have the authority because Congress hasn’t declared war on Iraq. Gee, just like Kennedy and Johnson in Vietnam, right Demos?
Oh, but let the conversation turn to money, and specifically taxes, and the Left suddenly reverses course:

“If Bush is a serious war President he would increase taxes. This is a time for sacrifices. This is a real war and we need money to pay for it.” –Evan Thomas

So evidently we are at war, so long as half of the citizens of this country are forced to carry a larger tax burden while the other half contributes nothing.
I have an idea for Mr. Thomas (Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek, by the way): how about the federal government end funding of unconstitutional social programs and departments like midnight basketball leagues, the Department of Education, the Social Security Administration, foreign aid to “allies” like France and Germany, and our subsidization of the “United” Nations. Then the government of the United States would have the money to pursue its primary constitutional duty, the defense of our nation “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”