Well, Virtual PC is dead…

Microsoft is going to acquire Connectix’s Virtual PC software. Don’t believe for a minute their claim that they’re not buying the software to kill it. Why else would they? And they don’t even have to outright kill it. Just buy it, sell it to end users, and don’t update it. As the Mac OS moves on, just let it die since it would inevitably become less and less compatible with the latest version of the Mac OS. Whenever a company purchases assets from another company, and publicly announce they plan to not kill off a product they are acquiring, it is a sure sign that they will, in fact, kill it.
As Michael said, it’s a sad, sad day for Mac users.
Update (2:55 pm): Apparently, Microsoft acquired the Virtual PC assets from Connectix so it can strengthen its hold in the enterprise server market. Sure, I can buy that. The Virtual Server product is pretty powerful.
Yet let me remind you: we’re still waiting for a Macintosh version of HALO. You remember HALO, don’t you? The kick-butt 3D successor to the Marathon game saga from Bungie, it was going to be a Mac OS-first release, or at the very least, a Mac version was to be released concurrently with a PC version. Then Microsoft stepped in, bought out Bungie, and instead of getting a $49 Mac game, you now have to spring for a $199 Xbox to play it.
Virtual Server may live on in Windows code, but don’t bet on having a copy of Virtual PC to run on your Mac a couple of years from now. I really hope I’m wrong, but judging from past Microsoft history, I’m afraid I won’t be.