Blaser LRS2

From the Reach Out And Touch Someone Department:
One of the things that brought on the previous post was the review Guns Magazine did of the SIGARMS-imported Blaser R93 LRS2 tactical rifle. I had hoped to post a link to the review, but alas, it is not the feature of the month for the February 2003 issue. (FYI, it’s pronounced “blah’zer.”)
In some respects the LRS2 is your typical tactical precision rifle, with the usual accoutrements: a heavy, free-floated, fluted barrel; rear adjustable spacers to alter stock length; one-piece stock; and a fully-adjustable trigger, so you can adjust the length of trigger pull.
The LRS2 also features a novel action that sets it apart from nearly all other rifles: a manually-operated straight pull bolt. For the uninitated, on your average bolt-action rifle, after a shot has been fired, to eject the spent casing and chamber the next round, you must rotate the bolt as you pull it back. The LRS2 eliminates this need, speeding up the time to get back on target. Very nice. To quote reviewer Charles Cutshaw: “The smoothness and ease of operation of the R93’s straight pull bolt action defies description.”
Of course, priced in the $2K range, the R93 LRS2 is out of range (again, no pun intended) for most shooters. Like most things in life, though, you get what you pay for.