Is it or isn’t it? (Hint: It is…)

Brian has a good analysis and links of the infamous 9th Circuit Court’s refusal for a full court hearing on California’s “assault” weapons ban.
By definition, an “assault” weapon is one capable of fully automatic fire; full-auto firearms are illegal to own anywhere in the U.S. unless you have a Class III Federal Firearms License. The fact that a firearm may look like an “assault” weapon doesn’t make it one, despite how the news media continues to call semi-automatic (one squeeze of the trigger, one shot) firearms “assault” weapons.
I hope and pray that the Supreme Court does hear this case, and rules it as the individual Constitutional right it is. Yes, the fact is that the Second Amendment is an individual right. Read your Federalist Papers; all of the Founding Fathers believed this to be so.
Why would they place a state right within nine other individual rights? And place it so highly in status? The Second is for individuals, not the states, and not for the state.