MT 2.63 and recent-update keys

At the same time I decided to upgrade my MovableType engine to 2.63, I donated some funds to Ben and Mena. By doing so, I received a couple of keys to plug in, so when I post something new, the site would show up in the MovableType site’s “Recently Updated” section.
I began receiving an odd error message when saving posts, after I had done all of this. I reinstalled the upgrade package. Then I removed the recent-update key; problem solved. I tried the 2d recent-update key; problem returns. I take out the 2d key; problem solved. So now I know, and I’ve let the Trotts know, so we’ll see what happens.
UPDATE, 5/19: Turns our your doofus host doesn’t have a certain Perl module installed. Obviously, I thought some time back, why would I ever use that? Thanks, Ben!